ProtonMail Best Secure Email Services to Send Encrypted Email

Best Secure Email Services to Send Encrypted Email

Nowadays, you need to take care of everything if you work online. It doesn’t matter whether you have internet banking or email account or a simple social media account. You need to check the security of those accounts frequently. Otherwise, you can be a victim of various attacks. Every day people send tons of email

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Avast Best Spyware Removal Tools for Windows and Mac

Best Spyware Removal Tools for Windows and Mac

Gone are those days when a single antivirus could do everything to protect your computer. However, now this is very difficult for a security company to develop a tool that can protect your computer from being attacked by spyware, malware, trojan, and everything. Therefore, if you are aware of spyware and you think your computer

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Hider 2 Best Mac Apps to Encrypt File and Folder

Best Mac Apps to Encrypt File and Folder

If you are using a Mac computer for any purpose and you want to encrypt some confidential files with password, here are some of the best methods you can use. This is very easy to encrypt files and folders on Mac computer. There are so many apps available in the App Store. On the other

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Best Tools to Find Out a Breached Email & Password

Every other day, you can find one news about computer hacking on various news portals. As the number of digital attacks is growing up, you should always be careful when using a password for internet banking or any social media accounts to any email account. You should always check if your password is already breached

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Best Firewall Apps for Android

Best Firewall Apps for Android 

Android and iOS – both are equally awesome mobile platforms, but both of them are lacking one single feature. Unlike Windows, they do not have a firewall application on their platforms. Although a power user can understand the need for firewall software, a regular Facebook browsing person cannot comprehend that. Firewall software is a much needed when you

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How to revoke app access to your Twitter profile

Revoke App Access to Your Facebook, Twitter, Google account

Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts are very handy when you need to quickly sign into a particular website. There are thousands of websites those offer social sign in so that you do not have to enter your account details manually. They fetch the data from those accounts and create one account for the website. However,

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Wi Fi Router security

Best Tools to Scan Your Home Router for Vulnerabilities 

Nowadays, we connect almost everything to our home router. From TV to IoT security devices, computers, mobiles, etc. We use internet on almost everything. Although it helps you connect all the devices better since you get a synchronisation option, there are some disadvantages as well. In these present days, attackers are attacking Wi-Fi router instead

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Best Keyloggers for Windows

Best Keyloggers for Windows to Monitor Activities of Your Children 

Nowadays children are more advanced than before. If you often leave your mobile or computer with your kid/s, you should monitor what your kids are doing with that mobile or computer. In these present days, there is a lot of junk on the internet, and kids often get attracted to such junks. Therefore, you should

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How to improve your privacy on your Android device

Ever since Facebook got caught in the Cambridge Analytica case, a lot of big companies, websites and online services and apps are on a spree to update their privacy policies and ensuring their users that their data and details are indeed private and secure with them. However, in this digital world privacy is a very

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Best Firewall Software for Windows

Best Firewall Software for Windows and Mac to Protect Computer

When you need more flexibility and advanced way to block and allow particular incoming and outgoing connection on your computer, here is what you need to have. Check out this article, where you can find best firewall software for Windows and Mac so that you can protect your computer from unnecessary connections. There are many

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Lock Apps with These Free Android App Lockers

Suppose, you have some critical files on your mobile or you have some banking app on your mobile that you want to secure. Obviously, you should have a password on your mobile. But sometimes you need an extra layer of security so that you can be safe when you give your mobile to someone to

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Fix Windows 10 privacy issues to secure PC using these software

Fix Windows 10 privacy issues to secure PC

Ever since Microsoft launched Windows 10, many controversies are flying around regarding the security of Windows 10 PC users. There are tons of security loopholes especially for users related to digital privacy. Therefore, to help you fix Windows 10 privacy issues to secure PC, here are few tools that may assist you with this problem.

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Best free antivirus for Windows 10 of 2018

Best free antivirus for Windows 10/8.1/7

In Windows OS, we need an antivirus to protect us from the virus. An antivirus is a software or anti-Malware software, which helps to protect your computer against from most of the virus, Trojan, worms. Those things make your computer very sick. Its main work is to detect and remove the unwanted malicious software and computer

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WiFi router

Best Tips and Tricks to Secure Wi-Fi Router Within Moments 

Nowadays almost everyone uses Wi-Fi. It doesn’t matter whether your mobile has connected to a public Wi-Fi or private Wi-Fi, but your mobile has indeed connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you have a Wi-Fi router in your home, but there are some suspicious activities you are noticing with your router, here are some tips and

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IP Vanish VPN Best VPN to unblock websites and be anonymous on the web

Best VPN to unblock websites and be anonymous on the web

VPN or Virtual Private Network helps users unlock blocked websites, watch restricted content on the internet. While browsing the web, you may sometimes get some websites those are regionally blocked by ISPs in order to comply with the government law. On the other hand, you should always be anonymous on the web while browsing it

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