Windows Defender Application Guard browser extension

How To Setup And Use Windows Defender Application Guard

Windows Defender has been a great security shield for Windows. A couple of days back, Microsoft rolled out two new browser extensions that are based on Windows Defender. One extension is for Google Chrome, and the other one is for Mozilla Firefox. Both do the same job. This extension is called Windows Defender Application Guest,

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VPN Kill Switch

What Is VPN Kill Switch And Why Do You Need This

Using a VPN is a must for every internet user but choosing a VPN is quite difficult. There are certain features you should check out before opting for a VPN service or app. For example, VPN Kill Switch. It helps you protect your privacy even when you are using a VPN service. If you do

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Firefox Lockbox

Firefox Lockbox: Free Password Manager For Android And iOS

Firefox has recently launched a new password manager app called Firefox Lockbox, which will let you synchronize passwords across multiple devices. Firefox is known for security – no matter what the product is. The same thing remains in Firefox Lockbox, which is a basic yet quite helpful password management platform that is available for Android

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AdGuard 3.0 For Android Dark Theme

Best Features Of AdGuard 3.0 For Android

Almost every website uses various trackers so that they can show ads, improve user experience, and so on. Many admins use cookies to provide better service. However, countless people get scammed using the same. That is why you should get a one-stop solution, and AdGuard seems to be a great tool to fix all those

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Password Protect Documents In LibreOffice

How To Password Protect Documents In LibreOffice

If you do not want to spend money on Microsoft Office, LibreOffice seems to be a great alternative. It offers almost all the options that are required to create a document. No matter whether you want to grab a template, use a preset style or anything else, you can find those in the LibreOffice. Nowadays,

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Remotely Sign Out And Lock Windows 10 Computer

How To Remotely Sign Out And Lock Windows 10 Computer

Let’s assume that you were working with your Windows 10 computer at a public place, but you left it there mistakenly. At such moments, you will obviously go back to that place and try to find your computer. However, if you are not getting it there, there is a simple security thing you can perform.

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Best Browsers For Android And iOS For Private Browsing

Nowadays only two platforms are dominating the whole mobile world, and they are Android and iOS. No matter whether you have an Android or iOS mobile, you can certainly find tons of apps in the respective app store. However, when it comes to private browsing, many popular browsers fail to provide what users need. If

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How to Secure Google Account? Follow These Simple Steps.

For most of us web is nothing but Google as this particular organisation has integrated the web with our lives through their brilliant product lines. With popularity comes the question of security. And it starts with a secure google account. Right? Every 39 seconds, there is a hacker attack on the web. Moreover, 95% of

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How to check if your webcam has been hacked or not? A Detailed Guide.

Latest studies on cybercrime say that one in every two Americans is defenseless about webcam hacking. Do you fall in that chunk? It’s time to find it out. But, before you care about the fact that whether your webcam has been hacked or not, consider these latest and alarming  global stats about cybercrime: 230,000 news

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Enable Or Disable Guest User Login On macOS Mojave

How To Enable Or Disable Guest User Login On macOS Mojave

Last year Apple launched macOS Mojave for Mac computers, and it is indeed an excellent operating system that can be used by any person in the world. Irrespective of the job, you can utilize this platform for getting maximum benefits. Although it comes with so many features, not all of them available by default. That

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Lock Apps On iOS 12 Without Any Third-Party Software

How To Lock Apps On iOS 12 Without Any Third-Party Software

Nowadays security and privacy should be the primary priority of any internet user. If you have an iOS device, i.e., iPhone or iPad, and you often give your phone to your kid or your friends often take your mobile, you can lock down specific apps for security purpose. This is possible to lock apps on

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Net Nanny

Best System Monitor Software for Windows 10/8/7

Are you suspicious about your bandwidth usage? Do you want to know which app is using your computer resource? Do you want to know about which app you are consuming most of your time? Here are some System Monitor Softwares that will let you monitor everything. You can monitor everything from bandwidth consumption to resource

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Failed to Sign into Your PC? Try These Bootable Antivirus for Windows 10

You might have heard about antivirus that you can use after booting your computer. However, let’s assume that you haven’t installed any antivirus and your computer is under attack. Or, let’s assume that you are not able to sign into your computer due to some malicious activities. At such moments, you can use these bootable

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Best Online Security and Privacy Apps to be More Secure

Best Online Security and Privacy Apps to be More Secure

Although a security shield is must for every Windows PC, we may not be able to download a security software right after installing the Windows freshly. At such moments, you need a backup. Like that, you might need security while sending an email, or file, or something like that. Therefore, you can check out these

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Cover Your Webcam and Microphone

Best Tips and Tricks to be Safe Online

While using the internet, you should take care of few things. Otherwise, you will end up being a victim of different attacks that happen all the time with the internet users. It doesn’t matter whether you use the internet for banking or using Facebook, Twitter, etc., you should always take the precautions. As the attackers

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