Best Keyloggers for Windows to Monitor Activities of Your Children 

Nowadays children are more advanced than before. If you often leave your mobile or computer with your kid/s, you should monitor what your kids are doing with that mobile or computer. In these present days, there is a lot of junk on the internet, and kids often get attracted to such junks. Therefore, you should take care of the activity of your kids all the times when they are using a mobile or computer. Although there are a lot of ways to check what your kids have used on your mobile, there are a few methods to know what your kids have been doing with your computer. For Windows computer, there are some tools to check so. Therefore, you can check out these best keyloggers for Windows to monitor activities of your children.

Best Keyloggers for Windows to Monitor Activities

1] Revealer Keylogger

Revealer Keylogger is one of the best and free keylogger software for Windows operating system. This is great because of many reasons. From tracking normal keystrokes, you can monitor different Instant Messengers as well. For instance, you can track conversations of Skype, Facebook Messenger, MSN, AOL, and so on.

The highlight of Revealer Keylogger is you can track multiple user accounts by installing this tool only once. Not only just keystrokes and Instant Messengers, but also you can record written text, password, conversations, and so on.

Another useful feature of Revealer Keylogger is you can prevent others from opening any application. In other words, this is possible to set a password and protect that program from being opened by any third-person. On the other hand, three is another feature that helps you capture screenshots at a periodic time. For example, you can capture screenshots after each 5 second or 10 seconds and so on. However, this is a PRO version feature, and the PRO version costs $39.99 only.

The setbacks of this tool are already mentioned. To be more specific, you cannot get the email notification and screenshot capture feature in the FREE version. Therefore, you need to purchase the PRO edition to get the fully unlocked version of Revealer Keylogger. Apart from that, it doesn’t log IP address as well. That is another drawback as well.

2] Spyrix Personal Monitor

Spyrix Personal Monitor is yet another free and beneficial keylogger software for Windows operating system. It doesn’t matter whether you have Windows XP or Windows 10, you can indeed download it on your machine and use it accordingly. Some of the most essential features are as follows:

  • Remote monitoring via secure web account
  • Live Viewing – watching the screen in live mode
  • Screenshots capture
  • WEB Camera Surveillance(available for PRO license)
  • Microphone Voice Surveillance(available for PRO license)
  • Undetectable to antivirus software
  • Remote Uninstallation
  • Clipboard control
  • URL monitoring
  • Facebook includes capture passwords
  • MySpace, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn
  • Skype (Two-way dialogue interception)
  • IM Chat (Google Talk, ICQ etc)
  • E-mail, FTP, LAN log delivery
  • Alert keywords
  • “Black List” Sites (Alert URLs)
  • Domain users monitoring (available for Business licenses)
  • Printer Control

In simple words, Spyrix Personal Monitor comes with all the features what a keylogger software should have. This is a computer monitoring software for Windows operating system.  From keystrokes logging to capture a screenshot to sending email notification, everything is possible with the help of Spyrix Personal Monitor.

The user interface shows almost every possible thing including date, time, opened apps, opened pages (if browser), email, IM chats, Facebook chats, screenshots, clipboard that someone has copied and so on. One thing developed have made, and that is a well-designed interface, which may attract more people.

There is a mode called “invisible mode” that helps you make this app untraceable. You can install it, but no other user can find it on your machine. You can set different methods to open up the interface of this app.

If you want to download the keylogger only, you can do that from here. That doesn’t contain all the features mentioned here. However, if want to monitor your kid’s activities from top to bottom, you should opt for the Personal Monitor app.

3] Windows Keylogger

Best Keyloggers for Windows

When you need a simple user interface with fewer features, you can opt for Windows Keylogger software, which is a free tool for Windows operating system. Although it comes with a PRO version, you may not need that if you want to do basic monitoring. For your information, the PRO version costs around $49.

Talking about the features of Windows Keylogger, you can find these following options:

  • It can monitor everything. From keystrokes to app opening, you can record everything with the help of Windows Keylogger software. As the name suggests, it does everything smoothly.
  • Clipboard recorder: Like the above-mentioned application, Windows Keylogger can record everything you have copied in your clipboard. From text to the password to conversation, you can record everything with the help of this tool.
  • Screenshots: You can capture screenshots at a particular time interval. For example, you can set 5 seconds or 15 seconds in the app, and this tool will start capturing screenshots at that time automatically.
  • Log delivery: You can send the user log to yourself or someone else via email FTP, etc. All those things are possible in the FREE version of Windows Keylogger as well.
  • Completely invisible: After installation, and setting up, nobody, including you, can find this app on your computer unless or until you do something to open it up. Therefore, this is secure and safe to use application.
  • Monitor internet activities: As it monitors apps including browsers, you can find all the opened websites in the log file.

If you like all the features and you think this is possible to utilize it for your benefit, you can download Windows Keyloggers from here.

4] Refog Personal Monitor

Refog Personal Monitor is a sophisticated keylogger software for Windows operating system, which is available for Windows 7 or later version. The best thing is you can download this tool on Mac computer as well. Therefore, It doesn’t matter whether you have Windows computer or a MacBook, you can certainly use it for your benefit.

Talking about features it offers, you can find these in this tool:

  • Record all keystrokes: As the software is made for monitoring everything, you can find the keystrokes done by a particular user. Being said that, you can get all the information from all user accounts you have on your computer.
  • Launched apps and games: If someone has opened a game or software on your computer, you can get that information within moments.
  • Browser tracking: As a part of app tracking, it tracks down all the browsers. Therefore, you can check whether your kid has opened a particular website or not. In fact, this is possible to get a list of all website someone has opened on your computer.
  • Track Skype chat: It doesn’t matter whether you make a video call or voice call on Skype, you can find that information in this app.

The best thing about this app is it offers real-time notification via email. On the other hand, it captures screenshots as well. Therefore, you can find who has opened your computer and used it further. As it can start itself at system startup, you can find the first image captured by webcam right in your Inbox.

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