The Best Sites to Download Free Audio Books

Reading a physical book is a great experience. However, nowadays some people do not like to carry a physical book as they have digital copies of them. If you are one of them, but you like to listen to an audiobook instead of reading it, you can check out these sites to download free audiobooks. After downloading, you can keep it on your mobile, computer or send it to someone else.

The Best Sites to Download Free Audio Books

There are tons of websites that offer free audiobooks. However, you may not find all your audiobooks on a particular website. That is why you should check all these websites to get all your audiobooks for free.

1] Open Culture

Open Culture has a huge collection of free audiobooks. No matter whether you want to get a motivational book or autobiography, you can find most of your favorite books on this website. You can go through the whole website and check what you want to download. It shows the book name, author name, etc. so that you can find your book quickly. This is possible to download the audiobook in mp3. Therefore, it should not be a problem for you to transfer the file to your mobile and start listening to it.

2] LibriVox

LibriVox is yet another awesome website to download free audiobooks without sign up. Like Open Culture, it has tons of audiobooks for the users, and everything can be downloaded for free. You can find a book by genre or category, language, etc. from children’s fiction to self-development, everything is available on this website.

3] Rakuten OverDrive

The Best Sites to Download Free Audio Books

Instead of going to your library, you can borrow an audiobook from this website. If you have a supported library card, you can listen to an audiobook on this website. Like other standard sites, you can find various genres such as biography, children, fantasy, fiction, travel, thriller, religion, etc. Visit website

4] Internet Archive

Internet Archive is kind of a public domain. Therefore, you can freely use and download any audiobook from this website. You can find a good book based on release year, genre, author, etc. No matter whether you want to listen to an English or Spanish audiobook – everything is possible on this website. Downloading an audiobook is not easy, but it is worth every second. The quality is pretty good, and that is why people like it so much.

5] Loyal Books

If you want to download free audiobooks online, you should check out Loyal Books once in your lifetime. It offers a huge amount of audiobooks for children as well as adults. It is very easy to download a book from this website. The quality of the audio is pretty much fine, and you should not get any issue while listening to them. From non-fiction to fiction, to humor or self-improvement, you can find all kinds of books on this website for free. Visit website

6] Digital Book

Digital Book

Digital Book website comes with a modern design and all the latest free books. Although the amount of category is fewer than other websites, you can find a good audiobook for free. Some of the genres are romance, mystery, horror, science-fiction, classics, etc. Downloading an audiobook from this website is very easy. You just need to click the respective Download button to start the process. All books are copyright-free, but a little credit to the author would be awesome while sharing the audiobook.

7] FreeClassicAudioBooks

FreeClassicAudioBooks is a great website to download free audiobooks on self-development. Not only that genre but also it offers some other categories and related audiobooks. Although it doesn’t offer tons of audiobooks, there is a chance of getting your favorite book on this website. Almost all the audiobooks are available for free. However, you can purchase some of the best books for a very affordable price. However, if you want to listen to any audiobook, that is also possible on this website.

8] Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is yet another site to download free audiobooks. You can download and listen to your audiobook on a computer as well as mobile. However, some people claimed that the quality of the audiobook is not that good. Also, some of the chapters do not have titles as well. Therefore, you might miss out a few things. Apart from these two problems, you can find a lot of positive things on this website.

9] Storynory

If you have a kid and you want to allow him/her to listen to an audiobook, Storynory is probably the best option for you. This website is made for kids, and therefore, almost all the audiobooks are there for children only. If you want to download an audiobook from this website, click the Share button. Here you can find the corresponding option to download the audiobook.

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