Top 3 Snapdragon Optimized Browsers for Android Mobile

Undoubtedly, Qualcomm Snapdragon is the best chipset lineup for Android mobiles used by several reliable mobile manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, etc. Although sometimes they opt for different chipset but most of the times, you can find Snapdragon chipset included in their mobiles. There are plenty of reasons why they use Snapdragon chipset instead of others. First, Snapdragon chipsets are reliable regarding battery backup, speed, mobility, gaming, etc. Second, the price of Snapdragon chipset is comparatively lower. Although Qualcomm has made several high priced Snapdragon chipsets most of their chipsets are cheaper than others. Third, battery draining – which is the most common issue. However, Qualcomm always tries to make their chipsets faster and trustworthy.

There are several web browsers available for Android mobiles. Based on your usage and mobile capacity, you can certainly opt for any browser you like. However, do you know that there are some chipset and processor specific browsers those can offer better performance even when you are low in RAM or memory? Here are some of them those will certainly increase your user experience.

Top 3 Snapdragon Optimized Browsers for Android Mobile

1] Chromium


This is a free web browser developed by Arter97 those are pretty sure developers in this field. According to developers, this browser is not going to update very soon, but you won’t get affected by any malware or any suspicious Trojans. This browser is based on Chromium 54 that is a pretty good browser for any user. Talking about the speed, you might get a low speed for the first time. But, from the second time, you can find pretty good speed even when you have a not-so-good internet connection. This is because of the cached version. You can get a dark mode that will let you browse the internet from being a good environment. Download

2] Rbrowser

Rbrowser is quite same as Google Chrome regarding features and appearance. However, you can certainly find countless differences on board. Rbrowser is mainly for Snapdragon chipset mobiles. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot use it on other mobiles. Talking about the user interface, it looks pretty good since all the features are well optimized. Regarding the speed, you will get quite good speed. According to a test, it took almost 13 seconds to load this website on a 4G LTE connection in India. Post that test; pages have opened pretty quickly in the same browser. You can download Rbrowser for Android 4.1 and later version. Download

3] YuBrowser


This is yet another free Snapdragon optimized browser for Android mobiles. Like Rbrowser, you can download it on Android 4.1 and later version. Talking about the appearance, it looks quite same as other two browsers. On other words, you can get a feel of Google Chrome as well. It has some very useful features such as data synchronization, incognito mode, night mode, swipe controls, etc. The best part of this browser is you can get power saving mode that will certainly save a lot of battery. On the other hand, you can play any audio in the background. That means, there is no need to use any other third party app to play the YouTube video in the background of other apps. Download

Like said earlier, these browsers are mainly for Qualcomm Snapdragon. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use it on other mobiles. You can certainly use these browsers on any chipset. But, you will get comparatively better performance while using it on a Snapdragon powered mobile.

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