Top 5 VPN for Android to Access Blocked Sites

VPN works like as additional security layer over your existing internet security. By making use of VPN, you would be even more secure than previous. VPN users can browse the internet safely and better than non-users. Using VPN, you can use your home network while travelling. This is also possible to change your geolocation, IP address and hide your browsing data from your ISP and so on.

Android Security

You can find numerous free and paid VPN services for PC but this is quite difficult to find a better VPN service for your mobile. To solve this issue, today I am going to mention some most popular and free VPN services/apps so that you can browse internet securely.

Best VPN for Android to access blocked sites

There are hundreds of free and paid VPN apps for Android. However, these following apps are personally tested and recommended.

1. Hotspot Shield

This is the most trustworthy VPN for Android. It comes in two different versions i.e. free and premium. Although power internet users should purchase the premium version, the free version works great as well. The only drawback of the free version is limitation. You will get limitation in a number of countries, bandwidth and so on. Hotspot Shield s famous because it is available for Android 2.0+. In addition, it takes minimum space in your memory. Download

2. TunnelBear

TunnelBear VPN - best android vpn

The user interface became the main attraction of an app like TunnelBear VPN. TunnelBear free version comes with some restrictions in bandwidth and number of country. On the other hand, you will get TunnelBear for Android 4.0 and later versions. You can obviously unblock any website and safely use Wi-Fi at any public place. You would be invisible even when you will use any open public network. Download

3. HolaHola Free VPN - free android vpn

Hola is the most popular VPN service that is available for different platforms. Even you can use it like as Chrome extension. However, this VPN app is available for Android as well. You will get comparatively better browsing experience than any other VPN services. It overrides various apps and sites. The most important thing is it is totally free. That is where it excels. Download

4. Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN - best android vpn

It is a premium VPN service. But don’t worry. You can try the free version before purchasing. The free version contains only country i.e. USA and UK. If you use the free version, you will be able to browse internet for 5 hours in each week. This is perfect to hide your actual IP address and use random IP address. You can protect your online privacy by 256-bit encryption. Millions of people use Hideman VPN because it is available for Android 2.1+. Download

5. ProtonVPN


If you are looking a paid option, ProtonVPN seems to be the best choice for you. According to some network security professionals, you are not safe even if you are using VPN to access restricted sites. In other words, you can be tracked by the IP you are currently using. However, you are protected with Secure Core of ProtonVPN. You will be connected to a ProtonVPN server and that server will be connected to another server. That implies if someone wants to track you, he/she will be stuck in the second server and you would be anonymous on the internet. Talking about the price, you can opt for the free version but Secure Core is available in the paid version only, which starts from $4 per month. The only problem with this VPN app is you need to connect your mobile through OpenVPN client. Visit the website

Your Choice

We have mentioned already four most popular VPN services available for Android. Almost all of them are up to the mark. Now, we would like to know your choice. Which one is the best for you?

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  1. Zubair Hussain Khan says:

    hola is the best.

  2. Ken William says:

    5 VPNs are very good. Also, I see Purevpn is also very good!

  3. 2geek says:

    nice vpn apps

  4. Wilcinson says:

    I can say that nordvpn has excellent features, and some of them currently work only on android and since I checked any other vpn services can brag about it. There is one which turns on vpn immediately when you were connecting to public wifi, I was surprised! It has reasonable pricing if you have a coupon.

  5. Vhanatis says:

    An interesting top list, haven’t seen those in one list actually, I am using nordvpn and still can find it very useful on Android as well. Has some extra features for androids.

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