Top 7 Free Android Math Apps for Students

Do you still fear numbers and tables? Are you one of those who is constantly looking for alternative subjects to replace Maths in school or college? In this age of technological advancement, plenty of apps have been developed that assist kids and students to improve their maths skills. Yes, you heard it right! It is possible to learn Maths and be good with numbers by making use of some popular Android Maths Apps available on Google Playstore.

The best Android Apps for Maths empower you to learn your most feared subject in various innovative and fun ways. You can learn about top tips to become a master in Maths by using some of these Maths mobile applications regularly. In this article, we shall have a look at some of the top free Android Maths Apps or top Android Maths Games / Puzzles that will prove useful to students of different age groups. Even parents and teachers can refer some of these Math apps to teach the age-old subject involving numbers in various unique ways. The key is to start with basic Maths apps and slowly start using complicated ones to improve your (or your kid’s) Maths skills.

  1. 1. Kids Numbers and Math (Free)

    For all pre-school kids, it is difficult to teach them math in a way that keeps them engaged. In other words, many such kids easily get bored if you try to get them acquainted with the math basics. There is good news for all such kids and their parents as we have a all-in-one app that helps your kid to get introduced to the world of numbers and mathematics in a fun way. With Kids Numbers and Math Android game, your kids will learn the basic math skills in a very simple and enjoyable manner.

    This app teaches children to count numbers, name numbers, compare numbers as well as match them. It also introduces them to the basic operations such as addition and subtraction of numbers. Now, you won’t have to worry if your small kid loves playing mobile games. They are sure to get addicted to this educational game and even learn basic math skills along the way.

    Kid Numbers and Math App

    The good part is numbers are spoken out by the app in an English accent that is clearly understood by kids. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that your initial search for a Math learning app for your 3 or 4-year old kid ends here. To get the most out of this app, please download Kids Numbers and Math Free on your Android device.

  2. 2. Math Workout (Free)

    This Android puzzle app aims to test your mental math skills and exercise your brain with numbers, atleast once a day. The best thing about this app is that it poses Maths-based challenges for people from all age groups: kids, school students, college students and even adults. It helps you to enhance your mental arithmetic skills with different sets of daily Maths exercises. You can test your brain in different ways to score more points and be a winner of the challenges confronted via this Math app.

    As part of this app, you can take on the ‘Online World Challenge’ or ‘Math Blaster Challenge’, if you are confident about your Math calculations. You can solve the appropriate puzzles related to Math operations like Addition and Subtraction, Division and Multiplication, etc.

    Similarly, you can prove yourself as a master of Maths tables. All these puzzles will go a long way in keeping your brains sharp as far as numbers are concerned. The users of Math Workout Android app can regularly keep track of their own progress with the help of charts. The free version of this app consists of many ads and if you don’t like them, you can go for the Math Workout Pro version for a nominal one-time fee.

    You can download this app for free from the Puzzle category in Google Playstore here.

  3. 3. Math Tricks (Free)

    This is an educational Android app as it helps you to learn useful tricks about performing complicated Maths calculations. It enables users to make their basics strong with regards to multiplication tables and number calculations. You can regain your confidence to solve complex Maths problems in a short time because of quick calculations. For different calculations, this app shares unique mathematical tips to speed up your calculations and save valuable time.

    There is a training mode that has about 15 levels for every math trick shared in this app, along with a timer of 15 seconds. You can score high by completing every level within time and 1-star, 2-star or 3-star rating (3 being the highest) for your performance. This rating system challenges you to implement your learning and perform well.

    The various fun math tricks shared are based on addition, subtraction, multiplication table, division, power of two, percent, square numbers, and so on. For example, it lists out tricks to quickly multiply any 2-digit number by 11, to add or subtract numbers that are close to hundred, to divide any number by 5, etc.

    You can download this free Math Tricks Android app from this Google Playstore link.

  4. 4. Math Challenge – Brain Workout (Free)

    This Android Maths game is an educational and mind training app that helps children to fine-tune their math skills as well as test their mental math. It is a fun way of making students improve their arithmetic skills and sharpen their IQ. It aims to enhance the concentration levels of adults and kids alike.

    Math Challenge Home

    The game comprises of total 12 levels with varied levels of difficulty. The player will encounter 20 math questions on each of the first 11 levels and 50 questions on the last level. It focuses on handling math operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on positive as well as negative numbers. Your points get added at every level and your score gets carried forward to the next level. You can share your high scores with your friends and also keep track of other high scoring players.

    Math Challenge

    Though this app is free, there are many in-app purchases available for advanced products (with price being Rs.59.99 per item). To install Math Challenge Brain Workout Application on your Android device for free, click here.

  5. 5. Math vs Zombies (Free)

    This Android Math app is ideal for all those who do not like Maths. You would have never thought that learning Maths can be so much fun. This is an interesting game where the player is one of the scientists who can save the world from zombie attack. To prevent the threat from Zombies and bring them back to normal state, you need to use your maths skills. Hence, the name of the game is ‘Math vs Zombies’ as you save yourself from Zombie attack using your Math prowess as a weapon. If your kid doesn’t like Maths, make him / her play this game and enjoy the pleasant change it brings about.

    Mathematics will be a lot easier for kids and adults as long as the basics about the 4 standard arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) are strong. This game focuses on varied levels of difficulties to handle these operations with numbers. It comprises of 4 visually-appealing worlds, with each one consisting of 7 different levels. Thus, you have a total of 28 levels to sharpen the maths skills for children from different age groups.

    You can visit the Google Playstore and download the Math vs Zombies educational Android math game for free.

  6. 6. yHomework – Math Solver (Free)

    This popular educational Android app to learn Maths is available for free download here. It is clearly meant for students from higher grades, where they get exposed to complex mathematics in the form of Algebra and Graphs. This app helps you to understand quadratic equatics, inequalities, function graphs, etc. in a step-wise detailed manner.

    In other words, for any related problems, the app gives you step-by-step solution and explanation. This will help you to understand the basics of Algebraic equations and how to approach any similar math problems.

    yHomework Solver App

    It is an efficient Math solver and you can get detailed solution for any algebra equation that you are finding hard to crack. You simply have to type the equation / problem and click ‘Solve’ to get an instant step-wise solution on your Android device screen.

    As of now, the app covers math problems related to simplification, single unknown equation, quadratic equations, 2 equation sets, inequalities as well as function graphs. With this yHomework Android app, you are sure to love your Math homework and enjoy solving equations like never before. It also offers various in-app purchases with price ranging from INR 50 to INR 599 per item.

  7. 7. Math Ref Free

    This Android education application is meant to help you with complex mathematics, especially for higher secondary and college students. You will be surprised to see a comprehensive list of equations and examples being shared for varied levels of math complexity.

    Math Ref Free App

    The Math Ref free Android app consists of formulas for algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability and statistics, and so on. It offers a list of 600 useful equations and notes, multiple examples, a quadratic equation solver and even a z-solver. Among the other categories covered by this app are Financial (including real estate), integration, derivatives, physics, etc. It proves to be a handy app for math teachers with immediate access to useful notes and formulas related to different math topics. To get access to this app, all you have to do is download Math Ref free for Android.

The list of Android Math applications doesn’t end here. There are many similar free Android Math apps such as Kids Math, Mad Math 4 Kids, etc. that can help you and your kids fall in love with Maths. The above list of apps will make sure your math learning needs from the basics to higher levels are fulfilled easily. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the most suitable free Math apps for yourself and your kid!

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