Top FaceTime Alternatives For Android

Although Android has so many features, few people, who have migrated from iOS to Android, often feel the lack of FaceTime. According to Wikipedia, FaceTime is a ‘proprietary videotelephony product’ made by Apple and only for Apple product users. Having said that, if you have an Android mobile, you can chat with someone over FaceTime. However, if you want to get a FaceTime equivalent app for Android, you should check out this list. Here are some of the best FaceTime alternatives for Android.

Top FaceTime Alternatives For Android

1] Skype

Top FaceTime Alternatives For Android

Who hasn’t heard of Skype? If you have ever wanted to get a video calling app for your Android mobile, you have got Skype at the first position on Google Play Store. Skype is one of the best video calling apps for Android. No matter whether somebody is using iOS, Mac, Windows, or any other platform, you can certainly contact him/her via Skype. You need a Microsoft account to get started with Skype. However, this is possible to start using this application without having such an account. If you can spend some money, you would get some unique features. On the other hand, the free edition has almost all the essential functionalities.

2] WhatsApp

In the initial days, WhatsApp was used to send text messages only. However, things have changed quite dramatically as you can make video calls as well as voice calls via WhatsApp. If you have a valid internet connection, there is almost no need to spend money on cellular voice calling. Nowadays, almost all the smartphone users have a WhatsApp account. Therefore, it has become quite easy to connect with someone if you have someone’s mobile number. The user interface is pretty good, and you would get almost all the features you might need.

3] Facebook Messenger

Although Facebook Messenger is quite different than how FaceTime works, it does the job pretty well. If you want to make a video call, and that person is in your Facebook friend list, there is nothing better than using Facebook Messenger. No matter whether you want to do a voice call or video call – everything is possible via this simple application. The good thing is you can even send money to your friend. The quality of video calling is good enough, and you should not find any issue using it for official purposes as well. No bug or glitch would entertain you.

4] Google Duo

Google Duo

Google Duo is another awesome video calling application used by countless Android mobile users. If your phone runs stock Android, chances are you already have this app in your mobile. However, if you do not have Google Duo, you can download it from Google Play Store for free. It has probably the best video quality, and it works even if you are in a low network coverage area. The user interface won’t waste your time since all the options are well-managed. There is no clutter and all. Therefore, you can install it, setup your account, and start using the service accordingly.

5] Viber

Viber is another good FaceTime equivalent for Android, and you can use it like WhatsApp. You need to create an account with your phone number. Following that, you can call anybody having a Viber account. Although it allows you to make free video call, voice call, send text messages, you cannot make mobile calls for free. You need to pay for that. It doesn’t have countless options. Therefore, it is quite easy and straightforward to setup account and start using it for your benefits. For your information, it has self-destructive chat so that you do not have to worry about privacy.

6] Line

If you need a straightforward solution, Line is what you need. It has a basic user interface, only essential features so that users can start what they want to do. The video calling quality is much better than most of the other apps. That is the only reason why many people prefer Line over others. It has real-time emojis, which is known as Face Play. You can use this functionality to include various objects on your face while making the video call. Although the download page doesn’t say anything about compatibility, you need Android 4.1 or later version to install this FaceTime alternative.

7] Imo

If you need high-quality video calling, but you do not have much bandwidth, Imo can help you a lot. This application allows users to make unlimited video and voice calls. No matter whether you are using 2G, 3G or 4G, you can certainly use Imo to make a video call with friends or anybody else. Imo is compatible with Android 4.0 or later version. Although it is available for free, you need to buy some credit to do all the jobs and unlock all the features.

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