Top Mechanical Keyboards For Gaming 

If you type a lot of words every day, you might not like to use a mechanical keyboard because it has comparatively hard keys. However, if you are into video editing or gaming, you should check out this article. These are some of the best mechanical keyboards that you can purchase if you are a gamer. The price of a keyboard depends on the brand, material, key quality, etc. Therefore, you should have a reasonable budget to use for a top-quality mechanical keyboard.

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Gaming

1] Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Gaming

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 is a top-class mechanical keyboard for gaming and video editing. No matter whether you need to press keys very frequently or once in a while, you can find it quite handy. It includes CHERRY MX mechanical keys, RGB light, etc. The only problem with this keyboard is the wiring. If you do not like to use a wired keyboard, you might be disappointed because Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 is a wired mechanical keyboard. There are two variants of this keyboard – Low Profile Mechanical and Mechanical. It is recommended to opt for the standard version instead of a Low Profile Mechanical variant. Talking about the price, it costs around $119 on Amazon. Check the deal

2] Razer Huntsman Elite

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Gaming

Razer Huntsman Elite is another excellent mechanical keyboard that you can purchase for $160 from Amazon. The keys of this mechanical keyboard are perfect, and you should not have any problem typing it for a long time. No matter whether you are writing an article or playing games, this keyboard will solve tons of typing problems. The intuitive media controls will let you tweak the media playback instantly. On the other hand, you won’t get any ache in your palms even after using it for a long time. However, nothing is perfect, and so is the Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard. For your information, it doesn’t switch on the RGB light by default. You need to provide the power supply through a second USB port. On the other hand, you cannot find any macros on this keyboard. Check the deal

3] Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Gaming

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum comes with Cherry MX Speed keys for typing faster. On the other hand, you can find Cherry MX Brown keys as well. In other words, copywriters can use this keyboard without having any problem. Although some keyboards have some color variants, you cannot find anything else except Black for this mechanical keyboard. The important thing is that it includes a palm rest so that users do not get any pain after typing for a long time. It also offers six macro keys so that you can do some jobs very quickly. The RGB light is there to spruce up the user experience. For protection from accidental drops, it has an aluminum frame. Regarding the cost, you need to pay $139 to purchase it from Amazon. Check the deal

4] Razer BlackWidow Elite

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Gaming

Razer BlackWidow Elite has several variants, and you can purchase any one of them to get your job done. Before purchasing, you should know the purpose of the keyboard. There are three main variants – Green Switch (Tactile and Clicky), Orange Switches (Tactile and Silent), and Yellow Switches (Linear and Silent). If you want to get the first mechanical keyboard experience, nothing can beat the first variant. If you want to get a mechanical keyboard for typing purposes mainly, you should opt for a silent variant. Otherwise, you might get irritated after hearing the clicky sound for a long time. There is a standard variant of this keyboard as well and costs less than the Elite version. However, it is recommended to try out the Elite version once to find the difference. You need to pay $122 to purchase it from the Amazon. Check the deal

5] Cougar Attack X3

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Gaming

Although it doesn’t come with RGB light, you can find a red light combination in the Cougar Attack X3 mechanical keyboard. This keyboard comes with Cherry MX Brown switches so that users can get the best experience while using a mechanical keyboard for the first time. No matter whether you want to play FPS games, MMORPG games, MOBA games, or RTS games, everything is very much compatible with this keyboard. In other words, Cougar Attack X3 will provide the best experience while playing such games on your computer. The price of this keyboard is not that high as well. For your information, you can purchase it for $70 from Amazon. Check the deal

6] Logitech G Pro

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Gaming

Logitech G Pro is a mechanical keyboard that comes with Romer-G switches, and you can find twelve programmable keys in this keyboard. Another drawback of this keyboard is that it doesn’t have any media control keys. The second setback is that there is no palm rest. If you are planning to get this keyboard for typing purposes only, it is not recommended. However, Logitech G Pro is pretty good when it comes to playing games on the computer. You can play any type of games fluently, and you won’t face any issue at all. Talking about the price, you need to pay $93 to purchase it from Amazon. Check the deal

7] Redragon K551

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Gaming

If you want to try out a cheap mechanical keyboard, you can check out this keyboard called Redragon K551. It costs only $39, but it can provide a good user experience while playing games. Although it is not recommended to use this keyboard for typing, you can play games smoothly with this keyboard. There are two variants on this keyboard, and the variants are related to the light – nonbacklit, Red LED-backlit, RGB LED-backlit, and Rainbow LED-backlit. The good thing about this keyboard is that it comes with Cherry MX Blue switches and it sounds clicky. Check the deal

There are tons of other mechanical keyboards you can find on the internet. However, these are some of the best in terms of quality, price, and usefulness.

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