Top Open Source Android Apps to Increase Productivity

Android is an open source platform used by hundreds of mobile companies and app developers. So, I decided to share a post on top open source Android apps that will help increase your productivity.

1. Open Signal

One of my team member has already reviewed Open Signal in great detail here, so just visit the page to learn more. Open Signal will create a map of wireless signals and towers for you when your phone cannot find a signal in an area where reception quality is bad. Very handy in emergencies.

2. DuckDuckGo

We are so used to searching for stuff on Google that we often forget there are other search engines on the Internet. There are but are they good enough? Well, DuckDuckGo is not just good enough, it’s better than Google. Hard to believe but that is the truth. It offers smart search with stories.

A privacy centric search engine that will not sell your soul to the advertisers for money. Unlike the blank and useless search page found, it offers a productive centric page where you can see events happening around you and the world. It will also display more than 10 results so you don’t have to switch pages. These and other features make one of the top open source Android apps.

3. AntennaPod

There are many podcast manager apps, some paid and others free, but AntennaPod still manages to stand tall because it is open source, which means it is constantly being updated with new features, and because it offers features like sleep timer, queue, adjustable playback speed and more for free.


There are so many SMS apps available these days that people usually end up using the first one they stumble upon. QKSMS offers brilliant and useful features that should have been part of the default SMS app, but aren’t. They are popup support, split SMS, delayed SMS, auto emoji, and more to name a few.

5. Native Clipboard

How many times have you copied something and lost it only because you copied something else before pasting and saving the previous text? Wish there was an app that could show everything that you have copied during the day? A handy list that you can refer to?

Native Clipboard will save everything that you have copied and opening the app is a breeze. Just double tap to open a floating window. This is one of my top open source Android apps that I use a million times a day.

6. K-9 Mail

It is not the most beautiful mail app in the world. That award goes to CloudMagic which is also super expensive! K-9 Mail has long been the champion of free email apps. It supports POP, IMAP, Exchange, and offers a bunch of features that will put even some of the paid apps to shame. It is reliable and offers push notification, self-bcc, flagging, multi-folder sync, and so much more.

7. Amaze File Manager

This is an amazing file manager. Not only it offers amazing features, but it also looks amazing. Apart from the usual browsing tools, Amaze File Manager comes with root browsing and Samba support.

8. Voice Audiobook Player

Material Audio Player will make your audiobooks look cool again. What sets this audio player apart from the rest is its simple, beautiful interface that is free of over-complicated and seldom used features. With a minimalistic design and only the necessary and useful features, Material Audio Player has quickly become a hot favorite and one of the top open source Android apps.

9. Dashclock Widget

Dashclock Widget is a clock that you can put on your home screen and which also shows it on the lock screen. But, that is not all. It comes with a number of extensions such as weather, missed calls and unread text, upcoming alarms, unread mails from Gmail, calender appointments, and more. As you can see, there is a lot on offer here that makes it more of a productivity suite rather than a simple open sourced clock widget.

10. Omni Notes

If you are using Evernote then this is not something for you, but Evernote, like most note taking apps, is not free and open sourced. Omni Notes was designed to be a simple, light-weight note taking app that is quick and gets the job done. It comes with features like URL recognition, batch note editing, advance search, Google Now integration, and much more. Not so simple but definitely one of the top open source Android apps.

11. ML Manager

This is bit of an advance app that will blow your socks off. It allows users to extract APK files of any app, yes, even system apps, and lets you share them with your peers. How cool is that? So if you or your friend has a cool app that you can’t seem to locate because it was taken off the store, just use ML Manager to copy it off your friends’ device.

12. LeafPic

LeafPic is a gallery app that will allow you to surf and manage your collection of images and videos effortlessly. The design is fluid and beautiful. It comes with a lot of customizable options like ability to choose between 50 different theme colors, 9 accent colors, and 3 beautiful themes. It comes with the usual bells and whistles too, in case you are wondering.

13. F-Droid

F-Droid is the swiss army knife of open source softwares. It comes as a bundled and installable catalog of FOSS which aptly stands for Free and Open Source Software. It will help you install a number of apps and keep track of updates.

Did I missed anything? If you know of any productive open sourced app that you believe should be part of this  list, leave your comments below.

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