Top Photo Gallery Apps for Android

Nowadays manufacturers have started including a high end camera so that users can capture better photographs. With that camera upgrade, people have started capturing a ton of images as well. The more you capture images, the worse it would be to handle them. When you need to find a particular photograph, you might not get that easily. Therefore, this article would let you find images and manage them accordingly. Here are some of the best photo gallery apps for Android those will let you organize your camera roll without any problem.

Best Photo Gallery Apps for Android

1] Google Photos

Google Photos Best Photo Gallery Apps for Android

Google Photos is one of the best photo gallery apps that you have if you do not like the inbuilt gallery app on your Android device. it doesn’t matter whether you are using a Samsung device or Motorola, you can certainly install and start using Google Photos to manage your images and videos without any problem. You can find all your images once you complete the setup. Talking about features, you would get auto album formation, assistant etc. The best thing is this is very easy to share an image via Google Photos. Let’s assume that you have captured a photo and you do not know what it is. You can use Google Lens via Google Photos to recognize the photo. On the other hand, you can adjust your photo with the basic editing tools. You can also make slideshow with the help of Google Photos. That implies you do not need any other third-party tool to get it done. Following that, this is possible to share your slideshow with friends or anybody else. Let’s assume that you can import some photographs. It can detect people in the photos and lets you categorize them.

2] ASUS Gallery

Asus Gallery Best Photo Gallery Apps for Android

ASUS Gallery is yet another awesome photo gallery app for Android, which is available for Android 2.3.3 or later version. It doesn’t matter if you have an ASUS mobile or Samsung mobile, you can install this app on your mobile without any problem. As this is free and easy to use, it has gained so much popularity within few months. The user interface of ASUS Gallery app is pretty good and you should not find anything to complain. Some of the important features are UI modification, photo timeline view, scene detection, AI photo learning, photo collage, video trimmer, mosaic, wide colour gamut and so on. The Scene Detection functionality is pretty cool since it can help you categorize your photos based on the people, place or object. Also, you can manage images based on date, which is known as Photo Timeline View. Although this is not necessary, you can also lock your gallery containing all the photographs if you have proper ASUS apps.

3] Simple Gallery

Simple Gallery Best Photo Gallery Apps for Android

As the name defines, Simple Gallery app is pretty simple and you do not have to go through tons of options and permissions to start using this straightforward app. It takes hardly thirty seconds to get started with this app. However, you may not be able to use this app on your very old Android mobiles since Simple Gallery is available for Android 5.0 or later version. The user interface of Simple Gallery is neat and clean. After opening, you can import images from any folder of your internal or external storage. Following that, you can find your photos based on the folder. By clicking the folder name, you can unlock all your images at once. One handy feature is you can unlock hidden items with your fingerprint or appropriate passcode. There are no unnecessary features included in this app and that is the point of having a simple gallery app on your Android device.

4] F-Stop Gallery

F-Stop Gallery Best Photo Gallery Apps for Android

F-Stop Gallery is another simple photo gallery app for Android but it comes with an additional feature. You know, when you capture an image using your mobile, it includes some EXIF data or METAdata, which contains your geolocation. If you want to find out where a picture was taken, F-Stop Gallery is probably the best option you have. It shows the exact coordinates where a picture was taken from your mobile. The best thing is you do not have to copy those coordinates since it shows on Google Maps. Therefore, it would be really easy to find out the location on your phone. Apart from that, you can manage all your images with ease. You can bookmark any image so that you can find it quickly whenever needed. On the other hand, you can change the theme as well, which is not available some of the popular gallery apps for Android. However, not all the aforementioned features are available for free. You have to pay a small fee to unlock all the options mentioned above.

5] Piktures

Piktures Best Photo Gallery Apps for Android

Piktures app for Android is available for Android 2.3.3 or later version. No matter whether you have Pixel device or Samsung Galaxy S series, you can certainly install Piktures on your mobile. The most handy feature of Piktures is you can synchronize images from various cloud storage including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc. No matter whether you have fifty images or five hundred, you can categorize them by place, object, location, date and so on. Piktures also helps you create a vault where you can store confidential or private photographs and you can lock that down with passcode or fingerprint. The is no doubt that the user interface of Piktures is neat and clean and therefore, you should not have any problem using this app.

These are some of the best image gallery apps for Android. Hope you would like them and find them handy.

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