Wearable Android? Google Just Announces to make It a Reality Soon

Google has shown their commitment again to this ever evolving technology world by announcing their first step to develop wearable android devices beyond Google Glass. They are starting with the most common and essential wearable- smart watches.

For this new project Google already has grouped with some top electronics giants like, Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung. Branded chip makers like, Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, Mediatek and Qualcomm with fashion brands like the Fossil Group are working on it to bring us the most awaited smart watches powered by Android Wear later this year.

We already have smart watches like Pebble watch, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. They are awesome but with limited functionality and apps. Also they can only work with their known smart phones. The choices are very few. On the other hand this android ware is not going to be that much hardware specific as dreamed by Google.



The Principle

Firstly, it’s way more than just the right information at just the right time. Google is promising it to be a whole new level of smart computing experience. Although, the designing for wearable android is much different than designing for those old school Tablets or Phones, still we can expect the best quality and design. Personally, It had to be in this way to step in a new era of technology.

Admittedly, the form factor of the wearable android devices will be quite small or somewhat never tried again. Still, Google is trying these smarter wearable’s interactive interface to be simple seeking as less user inputs as possible. Mostly, users input will be based around touch, swipes, i.e, gestural or voice, ideal for minimalists.

The Interaction

These wearable android devices will be designed to consume the least of users attention yet responsive to all of your wishes. It will know and act on your preferences throughout the day. Weather, Location, notifications, news you consumes will be ready to answer your queries before you ask. These great personal assistant of yours will know you and will learn your habits in a smarter way. Extremely personal and readily global.

The View

Already, this field of smart devices are equipped with the best of the display units playing as the only input and output interface. These wearable android devices are surely going to a standout with the pattern, UI and the quality of their display. If any android device is connected to an android wearable, all the notifications will be shared between the devices.Added to this, on the android wearable, every notification will appear as a new card within a stream.

The evergreen “Ok Google”

Just say this magical Ok Google voice command to ask anything to your android wear. It will quietly listen and will find you answers in no time. It will book movie tickets, find you restaurants and answer your questions. If you are a fitness freak then this smart wear is going to be your best friend. It will keep a track of your every health variables weather you are running, walking or cycling in your personal gym. With your favorite fitness apps you are all set with your wearable android device.

Developer’s Preview


Good news for developers is that Google already has updated their important guidelines focusing on android wear only. You can also download a copy of Developer’s preview. Moreover, with the new android wear APIs you can customize and develop every needful for your app.

As Google have said these android wear APIs are just the beginning and more are on the pipeline with an SDK(startup development kit) later this year. Technology is evolving. So Google is for a smarter life and a smarter world.


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