Website Grader Helps You Know How Strong Your Website Is Just Like That

As they say, “The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google Search results.” Which I think is very true if you got a website sitting on the web. Apart from producing great content, there are many other things that should be taken care of while maintaining it in order to get your content noticed, which is no less headache.

Things like SEO, Security play a vital role to keep a website healthy and running. Although many CMS software you use to manage your website offer many tools and plugins that help you improve the overall performance, it is very important to validate yourself where you stand and Website Grader by HubSpot does exactly that.

The impressive thing about Website Grader is it’s easy-to-use interface. The user just has to head over to the site, and enter the URL which he/she want to check. The engine starts working immediately analyzing various APIs and aspects and generates a report including sections with detailed scores and appropriate suggestions helping you understand where your website stands.

Overall Score

This is what you would see on top of your report – the overall rating given by website grader considering how well your site performs in different sections such as Performance, Mobile , SEO and Security. Depending on your score, Website Grabber gives you a verdict also suggesting what can be improved on various sections mentioned above in detail.



This section contains detailed metrics measuring your site performance. Website Grader gives you metrics in various aspects which help boost overall performance which include Page size, Page requests, Page speed, Browser Caching, Page redirects, Compression and Render Blocking. If you have no idea about what are those, no need to worry, Website Grader also provides you necessary information regarding the importance of those in detailed blog posts.



In this section you can find how your website performs on mobile devices, which is a crucial thing now a days. You can find out How your website responding on mobile devices and whether it is able to scale itself in terms of size on different device types.



In this section website grader will display your score on Search Engine optimization which would help to improve the visibility of your website all over the web. The aspects such as page titles on your website, Meta description content, headings on your posts and Sitemap which would help users navigate through your website very easily.



This section displays score depending on how secure your website is and suggests what you should do to improve it such as things like SSL certificate.


Now comes the important thing in the report – What are the sections that need improvement for your website and what can be done to improve them. Website Grader displays the current score and recommended score along with suggestions to reach there.

In a world where everything you almost do needs a website over the web, Website Grader is a great tool to analyze your website’s strengths and weaknesses.

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