Discord – Best Free Chat App for Gamers
Discord for Windows

Nowadays, computer gaming has been upgraded significantly. Modern computer games have a standard feature called ‘Multiplayer’ that lets multiple friends to be connected and play the same being on the same team or against each other. That is awesome and much better than playing against bots those use the same tactics and kill the real […]

Captune: Simple Music App with Productive User Interface
Captune by Sennheiser for Android and iOS

Sennheiser is famous for making world class music system such as headphones and they have loads of excellent headphones out there in the market. However, recently Sennheiser has launched a new mobile called Captune, which is a music player for Android and iOS. The main thing about Captune is this is very simple, easy to […]

Best Screen Recorders for Linux to Record Screen with Audio
Best Screen Recorders for Linux

Linux is a different type of operating system to a Windows user. However, Mac users can relate to few things of Linux with their Mac interface. Generally, Linux users do not need to record their screen. However, let’s assume that you need to record your Linux machine’s screen to show something to your friends or […]

Top 5 Weather Apps for Mac – Free and Paid
Weather app for Mac

Undoubtedly, Mac is one of the best platforms for any people including student, office employee, web designers, etc. Nowadays, people use the computer for different purposes. For example, many people use a computer to build a better website. When many use the computer for gaming and watching movies. Having said that, if you want to […]

Top 4 Best Backup Software for Windows

Windows is a very easy to use an operating system that can be used by anyone from any background. However, backing up a Windows machine is quite different from other platforms. Apparently, Windows offers few options to backup the machine, but you need to do something else to backup the whole system. Creating a system […]

Top 5 Best Backup Software for Linux

This is needless to mention that Linux is entirely different operating system than others such as Windows, Mac, etc. Sometimes, you need to opt for the Terminal instead of third-party software to do a certain task. No matter what you do with your Linux machine, but every single user needs to backup his/her computer to […]

5 Basic Tips and Tricks to Get Better Battery Backup from iOS 10

Undoubtedly, iOS 10 is a great version of Apple’s iOS, and it comes with loads of new features those may help you do something faster. However, some people have claimed that they are getting appalling battery backup after upgrading to iOS 10. Although, this is a common problem since iPhones come with not-that-good battery power […]

Top 5 Best Browsers for Linux to Browse the Internet

Linux doesn’t need any more introduction to be introduced to a person, who is now looking for a web browser. If you have already switched to Linux from another platform, you might have done the best job if you are into network analysis or coding. Different Linux distributions have built for various purposes. However, most […]

Top 4 Must Have Apps for Linux

Linux is quite different operating system than Windows, and first time Linux users might get thousands of problems while moving towards that from Microsoft Windows. It doesn’t matter what Linux distribution you use, but few things remain same. For example, the installation processor or the user management or the Terminal. Not only that childish thing […]

5 Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

You know Microsoft Edge supports extensions, don’t you? For many years, Microsoft only has Internet Explorer as their default browser. We all hated it. Then came Microsoft Edge with Windows 10. Along with the OS, the browser became popular. It didn’t have support for extensions from the day one. But they went on giving extension […]

Best SMS Apps for Android to Text Better

Android developers have made different types of apps and “SMS APPs” are one of them. We all use SMS out lovable people to communicate with them. Although the offline SMS method is quite old but at times, we need to use that. Nowadays, instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. have replaced old […]

How to Uninstall Cortana?
uninstall cortana

Do you use Cortana on your Windows 10 computer? If you don’t, you may be looking for how to uninstall Cortana. Given that it is a default feature on Windows 10 developed by none other than Microsoft, you will find difficult to uninstall Cortana like you do for other third-party software. Don’t worry! In this […]