How to Send Text messages without Any Service Network

The article heading seems to be a bit insane. Like a kind of virtual guff. Right? Hell, no. Lately, goTenna, transfigured this abstract concept into a real product. This magnificent device will let you send text messages without any service network or wifi and this freedom also empowers this gadget to work from anywhere on this planet. […]

Add Custom Maps to Apps and Websites using Mapbox

Mapbox, a Google Maps open source challenger, is a next generation mapping platform for the developers and designers to create and add custom maps to apps and websites. If you are the proud developer of an application that deals with any sort of location based information or the owner of a website, which is the […]

Rooting android is not your best bet

Folks at AndroidCentral continue to sprinkle the bits of wisdom they have in their nice little heads. And this time I can’t do much but appreciate them for the work they are doing. You may have read our post on how to rooting Android phone to gain root access of your phone and do all […]

FingerReader: Reading for visually impaired made easy

Innovation never stops. And young bright minds at MIT make sure of it. One of the best technology institutes around the world, MIT encourages its aspiring minds to continuously tinker around with ideas that can make this world an easier place to live. And this time young guns of Fluid Interfaces Group of MIT have something very […]

Rumour:Android powered Lumia phones on their way

Well this is quite a news. And it comes from the so-far-correct twitter leaker @evleaks. @evleaks have a reputation of leaking fairly correct information so far and have managed to leak some important bits of information from all around the tech industry. Either it is Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia or Microsoft. They all have been victims at […]

Read Quora Answers From The Comfort of Your Feed Reader

I am a very active Quoran, I read a lot everyday and I also write answers on various topics. This is a good way to learn new things and actively participate in healthy discussions. If you have a growing list of followers and following in Quora, it becomes difficult to manage your reading list. You don’t want […]

The all new Android L is here: See what’s in it

Google I/O is one of the biggest events that are held on this planet, which quenches all of your tech thirst. As a technology tinkerer I could not afford to miss it. And guess what was announced at this event? The next version of our beloved Android operating system! However, it is yet to be […]