Top 10 Firefox for Android Tips and Tricks to Browse Freely

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsers that has been used by thousands of people from across the globe. No matter whether you have a slow internet or limited bandwidth, Firefox can be fit in every situation with best quality. The recent few updates of Firefox have this browser even better. Among the […]

Best CRM Apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS
Best CRM Apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is one of the most important things for every type of business. This should be taken care of highly experienced people. Otherwise, your business will not get a good growth at all. It should have a good practice and right time to approach something. Finding the best thing for your […]

How to Flush DNS on Windows, Mac and Linux

Domain Name System or DNS helps users to obtain data coming from a server to a computer. It’s a sort of system that aids users to get whatever and whenever they would like on their PC or computer. Having said that, there’s nothing to carry out if you are a user. The site admin will […]

Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks to Make Better Communication

WhatsApp is probably the best instant messaging service, which crossed 1 billion monthly users a long time ago (more specifically, February 2016). The number does indicate how popular WhatsApp is among all the people across the world. WhatsApp is popular because of many reasons. First, this is completely free. Second, you can download WhatsApp app […]

Best Instagram Tips and Tricks to be a Pro User

Instagram is probably the best image and video clip sharing platform out there, which is being used by more than 500 million people in every month from across the globe. Whenever we need to share a photo, Instagram comes to our mind following Facebook. Although computer users cannot access Instagram as mobile users do, yet, […]

WhatsApp vs Allo; The Ultimate IM Battle

Google has set everything to fight against their biggest rival Facebook. In the past, they have tried to overcome the mass popularity of Facebook in social networking filed with Buzz and Google Plus. Though the latter is still available, it couldn’t make a great impact in the cyber arena. With the purchase of WhatsApp, Facebook […]

Best Apple Maps Tips and Tricks to Navigate Better

This is needless to mention that Apple Maps is the default navigation tool for iOS devices that has been developed by Apple itself. If you have an iOS device, you might know that Apple Maps is one of the best maps out there available for iOS device. Apparently, Google Maps can certainly compete with Apple […]

How to Transfer Music from PC to iPhone

Who doesn’t love music? Everyone likes to listen to his/her favorite song in a loop. Just, different people like different types of music. For example, some people like pop, some people like soft and some people like rock music all the time. Now, if you have bought an iPhone and now getting a problem to […]

Google Pixel XL Specifications, Features and Price in India
Google Pixel Xl

This is the first time Google has launched their branded mobiles called Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL those come with some useful features and specifications. After LG, Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, etc. finally, Google has tried their brand to launch two Android mobiles. Google Pixel XL is a quite good mobile with decent specifications. However, […]