Best Apps to Monitor Mobile Data Usage
Monitor Mobile Data Usage

WiFi users generally do not apprehend what a limited bandwidth user often face. If you use Cellular data on your mobile, which usually come with limited bandwidth, you may have fallen into trouble multiple times for over usage. To update a couple of apps, download some files and browser through Chrome or Firefox, today’s smart […]

Prevent Phishing Attack Using Google’s Password Alert Tool
Prevent Phishing Attack Using Google’s Password Alert Tool

Phishing is a commonly utilized maneuver amongst attackers to swipe someone’s online credentials like password, credit card number, bank account details and more others. The majority of people do not fully grasp nearly anything in regards to this attack and hence, attackers can easily ensnare common people to gain access to web properties. Google, the web […]

Learn and Practice Yoga With These 10 Tools And Apps

Yoga has found a new wave of fandom in this modern era. Where on one hand the very own country where is originated, India, is forgetting about the art, the outside world has come to terms with the innumerable benefits the practice offers. And don’t underestimate it’s power. Yoga offers many benefits like increased muscle […]

Best Screen Recording Apps For Android
Best Screen Recording Apps For Android

Even after being a world class platform for mobile and tablet, Android is still unable to provide an in-built tool that can record your screen seamlessly. Obviously, the screen capture option is available in Android 4.0 and later versions, yet, there is no screen recording tool in any Android mobile. At so many times, it […]

Best Freelance Job Sites to Find Small, Micro Gigs
Best Freelance Job Sites to Find Small, Micro Gigs

Earning money online is the new inclination. More and more people are endeavoring to earn money online. Having said that, regrettably, the majority of people fail to accomplish that since they don’t have understanding with it. They do not know where to start and the way to start. Anyway, although, this article will not demonstrate […]

How to Check and Get Google Adsense Matched Content Approval for Website or Blog?
Adsense Matched Content Eligibility Test

Blog monetization techniques have received a new addition recently in the form of Matched Content Ads. And the best part is that this new content recommendation tool comes directly from Google and so can be considered as a great alternative for Google Adsense. In fact, this Google Adsense native ad network can compliment the existing […]

Top 10 Android Apps for Web Designers and Developers
Android Robo

Web design and development is probably the most trending word in today’s technology era. Every geeky person wants to dive into the world of web designing and development. Obviously, you need unique skills and have to devote lot of time to stand out. At the same time, this is mobile era. We always use mobile […]

Top 5 Tools to Remove Windows Programs in Bulk
Remove Windows Programs in Bulk

Although, Windows provides a software uninstallation tool, yet, that looks useless when you need to remove multiple software at once. Let’s assume that you have installed ten useless apps and would like to remove them as soon as possible. At such time, if you go to remove them one by one, you will end up […]

20 Best Apps and Tools to Improve English Grammar
Grammar feature

In this ever globalizing world, not being fluent in the English language can be a major work setback, or maybe even kill your career before it even starts. Moreover, all major examinations in the world, especially those offering international placements, like to check your English skills along with the niche subjects. So whether you are […]