Vintager – The Simplest Form of Image Editor
Vintager – The Simplest Form of Image Editor

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. The same myth works in every step – even in image editing. The simplest image can be an eye-catching image and stand out from the crowd. But, the first step to make an astonishing image is thinking. You must have a decent imagination power for creative […]

Protect Your Computer Against Malware Through Sandboxie

Users who are inexperienced or new to the Internet world often face the problem of unknowingly coming across malicious programs while surfing. And before they realise the security lapse, the malware has already wreaked havoc. There are many ways in which the PC can be attacked by the malware. The may range from downloading a […]

5 Best Apps To Chat With Strangers

Years ago Omegle brought to the Internet world a niche that proved to be an instant hit, a website that lets you chat with strangers randomly from around the world. It became even popular when it came to android. But users have often complained about the absurd number of spambots on omegle. Deterioration due to […]

How to Get a Healthy Hard Drive using Ashampoo HDD Control
Get a Healthy Hard Drive using Ashampoo HDD Control

Without having a hard drive, any gadget will not work appropriately and cannot accomplish a user’s needs. No matter what kind of gadget you are using on a daily basis, but your device must have a hard drive. Computer users are calling it as Hard Drive and the same thing is known as Internal Memory […]

Process Explorer – Best Free Alternative to Windows Task Manager
Process Explorer – Best Free Alternative to Windows Task Manager

Windows Task Manager is a potent and substantially more useful tool out there. Even a transitional Windows user knows its usefulness. Although, most of the features of Windows are much easier to use, but the Task Manager is probably the most facile feature. If you are facing slow computer issue, you can simply head over […]

Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Review – Why is this the best?
Bidefender Total Security 2015 Review

Being a Kaspersky Internet Security user, I never got anything better than that. However, the scenario is going to change very soon, I suppose, because, Bitdefender Total Security 2015 has been launched a few days back. The main competitor of Bitdefender is Kaspersky and ESET NOD32 version 7. However, Bitdefender has proven its advantages. Here […]

Send Secure Encrypted Email for Free – Gmail

Mail users often send sensitive information to others regularly. Gmail is a free email service provider. It does not have any support of encrypting personal data. So, Gmail can’t be a trusted source for sending private and sensitive email securely. Though it uses secure SSL encryption for its connection, yet, the data leaves Google’s server in an […]

Facebook Launches Groups App to Manage Your Groups
Facebook Groups Logo

Facebook, the social networking giant, has launched a brand new app for iOS and Android, which is called Facebook Groups. Although, Facebook has started showing tons of advertisements, but still millions of people use this social networking website everywhere. You can simply log in to Facebook to connect with your friends, relatives and family. On […]

How to Create RSS Feed for any Gmail Label
Create RSS Feed for any Gmail Label

Gmail, which is developed by Google, has almost all types of options except few things what let users do even more. We have been writing articles to let you know about those missing yet very useful features. Some of the great missing features are No Response Email Finder, SMS Alert for new email and more […]

Daminion – All in One File Manager for Windows
Daminion – All in One File Manager for Windows

Just like “Power Brings Responsibility”, Memory Brings Files. This is a common fact or myth in today’s high-end computer or mobile era. Few years ago, people had mobiles with only 2GB or 4GB memory support. However, now, most of the mobiles come with minimum 4GB of internal storage. That is where file management plays a […]

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and .NET Core Stack goes Free

Net neutrality has been the word of the neoteric internet activists and they have been pretty vocal about this. Embracing this certitude, Microsoft, couple of days back, launched the brand new, free of cost, full featured version of Visual Studio, namely, Visual Studio Community 2013 which is now ready for downloading. It’s for the hardcore developers […]

How to Share Code Online with Climbi
Share Code Online

If someone is doing something online, just peep into his/her PC. You can certainly find him/her as a programmer or graphic designer. These two things are the most trending terms in today’s tech era. If you are a graphic designer, this is quite difficult to share your work over any online tool. However, if you […]

How to Disable Read Receipt of WhatsApp [Official Way]
Disable Read Receipt of WhatsApp

Typically the most popular cross-platform instant messenger has updated the app containing some preposterous gimmicks such as Read Receipt. It’s been merely one week to launch that bizarre update on WhatsApp. Let me explain the Read Receipt if you do not know. In case you have noticed the message you sent to your friends and […]

5 Reasons to switch to Google’s New Messenger
Google Messenger

If you often install new apps on your Android mobile, you might have already seen the new messenger app by Google. This latest messenger is included in Android 5.0 or Android Lollipop by default. However, if you want to get it on Android L incompatible devices, you can download it from Google Play Store. Just […]