How to Manage All Browsers from One Place on Windows
How to Manage All Browsers from One Place on Windows

Do you have multiple web browsers on your Windows machine? Are you facing trouble to manage them all? Don’t worry. Here is a solution. Although, Microsoft has included Internet Explorer in Windows yet we do not rely on this browser to do our daily job. A vast majority of people use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox […]

How To Find IMEI Number Of Your Lost Android Device

The IMEI number is International Mobile Equipment Identity Number, that is unique and is associated with every phone. Every mobile phones and tablets have their own IMEI number. This number helps to identify a device in a mobile network. One can easily get IMEI number of any phone by dialing *#06# from his device. However, […]

How to Add or Remove Programs from Win+X Menu in Windows 10

Windows 10 Technical Preview is one of the best versions of Windows that comes with loads of new features. The new build, called Windows 10 Build 9926 has even more features than the initial release. However, if you have used Windows 8 or any other later version, you might have noticed that Microsoft has included […]

Tips to Enable Spartan Edge Rendering Engine within IE11 for Windows 10 build 9926
Spartan browser with IE on Windows 10

Microsoft has come up with the new build 9926 for Windows 10 following up the Technical Preview version. This new preview build 9926 has several modifications and additions as per the feedback received from Windows 10 TP users. There have been news about Windows 10 having a new high-speed Spartan browser as part of Microsoft’s […]

Facebook Launches Facebook Lite – Fast Loading Facebook client
How to Disable In-App Browser of Facebook

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? Almost 100% regular internet users have one Facebook account. Otherwise, it was difficult to cross the 854 million daily active users benchmark for Facebook. Facebook has inaugurated a wonderful thing across different emerging countries. That is “”. This will provide free internet access to a major part of different […]

4 Apps To Learn A New Language

With the advent of extensive globalization, it is getting utmost important to be multilingual. There is increased demand for foreign language skills from employees. And the best part regarding going about it is, you don’t need an archaic approach like hiring a tutor or taking up that wearying class after work hours. All this can now […]