Use a Custom Wooden Cable Slot To Hide Cables and Wires

Like most of you reading this, I am no fan of cables, wires and chargers. They mess up your work area and with time, their number and complexity rises to a point when it becomes unmanageable. You have two to three different phones, a mac computer a windows computer, a printer, headphones, external hard drives […]

For Beginner Bloggers: Things to Know Before You Start

I keep getting questions in my email where people ask me random things about blogging, making money online, blogging as a career option. If you are a blogger yourself, you might be familiar with these questions but if you are not, here are some example questions which people often ask Are you a full time […]

Deadly Linux Commands That You Should Never Use

Linux is not doubt, a very powerful Operating System. It serves you as a friend, without asking much in return. The power this Operating System offers you is unmatchable by any other OS out there. But this also leads to some awkward situations where you might end up mourning over loss of all your data, […]

Why Accessibility Settings In Android Are Really Important?

We all love Android. And we love it due to its immense customization options, flexibility and ease of use. But wait. Did you know that using Android can even be easier with the accessibility options that it have? No? Well you are in the right place then my friend. Android have designed in such a […]

Ask Anything and Its has the Information You Need

What are you searching right now? Flats for rent, Shopping centers, restaurants which prepares your favourite dish best or a spa? Whatever it is, simply, ask anything and Askme has the answer for you. This app has all the details about every category of businesses around you. It has the caliber to provide you the information you need […]

Best Games ever made for all devices

Gaming industry is growing day by day. there are hundreds of games being made every day and being uploaded to various application stores and launched worldwide for other-than-handheld devices like PC, PlayStation, XBOX and Wii controllers. But what we need to have is just a bunch of good games, beautiful games that are addictive and […]