Plex: Manage all your media in one place

Plex is a pretty simple application that offers excellent quality services when it comes to managing our personal media. It offers a platform to organize and access your media on all of your devices without any hassle of copying it into each of the device and managing it on each device separately. With plex you […]

USB Type-C will bring an end to your frustration

The USB Promoter Group, announced that it has completed the work on the much anticipated, smaller and reversible USB connector. This information comes as a great relief for all those who have to struggle through the ports finding the right way to insert the USB cable into it. The new USB connector is smaller in […]

Is password your Password? You need to read this now

Passwords today are big deal. With online activity increasing day by day and with increased logins and usernames, there is a great need to safeguard your online credentials. Your username need not be confidential but what about the password? Your password need to be super secure and confidential so that nasty hackers out there keep […]

How to Send Text messages without Any Service Network

The article heading seems to be a bit insane. Like a kind of virtual guff. Right? Hell, no. Lately, goTenna, transfigured this abstract concept into a real product. This magnificent device will let you send text messages without any service network or wifi and this freedom also empowers this gadget to work from anywhere on this planet. […]

Add Custom Maps to Apps and Websites using Mapbox

Mapbox, a Google Maps open source challenger, is a next generation mapping platform for the developers and designers to create and add custom maps to apps and websites. If you are the proud developer of an application that deals with any sort of location based information or the owner of a website, which is the […]