How to Disable Windows Maximizing and Minimizing Animation in Windows 10
Windows 10 Logo

Windows 10, the latest version of Windows, besets with many improvements and new features. Although, the windows minimizing and maximizing animation is not actually a new feature, it differs from previous windows animation in respect of style. The first impression of this windows animation attracts everybody. It feels great when windows are minimizing and maximizing […]

How to Use Inbox by Gmail without Invitation
Get Inbox Access

Whenever you open Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit etc. you will get at least one of your friends, who is looking for Inbox invitation. Isn’t it? If you were offline, here is a short description of Inbox. Inbox is a brand new Google owned email client that is powered by Gmail. You can use your […]

Five Tips and Tricks You Should Know about Inbox by Gmail
Inbox Email Client by Gmail

It has been a week since users are utilizing Inbox that is powered by Gmail. This Inbox application and whole bundle is truly marvelous as far as straightforward entry, provided information and usefulness. In spite of the fact that, Inbox has been propelled however this is still in invitation-only position. That implies, an invitation is […]

All You need to know about Google Play’s Carrier Billing
All You need to know about Google Play’s Carrier Billing

Is the term, Carrier Billing, new? It can be new for you but the Carrier Billing system has been running since past couple of months. Although, Google has not launched this Carrier Billing in all the countries but some of the most tech savvy countries have already got it and started using it. What is […]

Xbox One will get $50 Price Cut from November 2

Do you love gaming? If YES, you might have played games on Xbox One gaming console. In fact, almost all game addicted people have this gaming console to get the most out of any game since this is the best gadget to have. In the US, Xbox One console costs only $399. However, according to […]

Nextbit to Synchronize Data without Cloud Storage and API
Nextbit to Synchronize Data without Cloud Storage and API

After getting a huge fund raising from Accel and Google Ventures, the next generation Android developer group has announced that they are going to introduce such a great synchronization process that doesn’t oblige any cloud storage or API. Synchronization of data across multiple devices is nothing new but synchronizing data over various cloud storage i.e. […]

Xiaomi to Open Data Center in India

The iPhone contender of China, Xiaomi, has brought couple of innovative mobile phones at very low cost in India. They have effectively sold more than three lakh Xiaomi mobiles in India. People have bought their phones because of two things. First, they are getting truly magnificent features on a low-estimated gadget. Second, Xiaomi is one […]

Top 6 Apps Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
Apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now available in almost all the countries around the globe. If you have bought one of them, may be, you are looking for some useful apps for your next generation iPhone. Therefore, today I am going to introduce some great apps those had been available on previous version […]