Intex Cloud String HD: Full Phone Specifications, Features and Price
Intex Cloud String HD: Full Phone Specifications, Features and Price

The Indian mobile company, Intex, has launched a brand new mobile called Intex Cloud String HD, which comes with some awesome features and specifications. Since past couple of months, Indian mobile manufacturers are doing better than previous year, which yields such an awesome mobile from an Indian mobile manufacturer, Intex. Although, Intex has previously launched […]

How to Disable Apple Software Update on Windows
How to Disable Apple Software Update on Windows

There is no doubt that Apple is one of the biggest mobile and computer companies out there, which is known for stability and excellent performance. Apple has developed several apps for Mac and iOS but you can also find a couple of apps for Windows as well. For example, the iTunes, which is a built-in […]

How to Get Battery Full Notification in Android
How to get notification for full battery on Android

This is needless to mention that Android is probably the most used operating system among mobile users. People use Android because it comes with tons of free apps, the price is cheaper than other mobiles, fixes are available readily in various forums and a lot of variety is available for the consumers. When it comes […]

Smartron tPhone: Full Phone Specifications, Features and Price
Smartron Tphone

After all those high end mobile companies, Indian mobile users have got another mobile, which is developed by an Indian mobile manufacturer. Although, they are new in this business yet, they have a strong background and they have been doing this for past few months. Yes, you are right. This is Smartron, which launched tBook […]

Moto G 4: Full Phone Specifications, Features and Price
Moto G 4

After changing the ownership of Motorola, customers are going to receive some awesome updates from Lenovo Motorola. Previously, Motorola had some good mobiles in terms of features, but now it has been upgraded a lot. Recently, Motorola has launched three brand new mobiles called Moto G 4, Moto G 4 Plus and Moto G Play. […]

How to Bookmark Particular Folder in Registry Editor
How to Bookmark Particular Folder in Registry Editor

Although, Microsoft has included tons of new features in Windows 10, yet, Registry Editor is one of the oldest features of Windows. People have been using Windows for doing different things as this is capable of doing plenty of thing without using third party tools. Windows is very much popular among all kind of people. […]

How to Shut Down Windows 10 using Cortana
How to shut down pc using cortana

After Windows 8 and 8.1, Microsoft didn’t take a huge time to launch Windows 10. But, that doesn’t mean Windows 10 comes with fewer features or non-essential features. Windows 10’s features are very much useful for any kind of people. It doesn’t matter whether your background is student or business, you can certainly opt for […]

5 Reasons why You Should Install GBoard on iPhone
5 Reasons why You should Install GBoard on iPhone

If you are using iOS device, you may know that iOS has started supporting third party keyboard. That means, if you do not like the in-built keyboard of iOS, you can simply change that with your favorite keyboard. If you are a tech addicted person, who always check latest tech updates, you may know that […]

How to Make Google Search in iOS Keyboard
How to search from Gboard for iPhone

There is no doubt that iOS is one of the best mobile platforms out there. People use iOS because this is more stable and top notch quality. Although, the iOS App Store doesn’t contain as many app as Android has but it is full of awesome applications in the respective app store. Even since Apple […]