Check Network Strength on iPhone without Jailbreaking
Mobile tower

iPhone is a great invention of Apple and it is being upgraded day by day. Today’s iPhone is much better than older one. In terms of features, network capability, interface, look etc. today’s iPhones are much better than previous. Although, sometime network strength depends on the device that you are using, yet it also depends […]

How to Clear YouTube Watch and Search History on Android
How to Get Material Design on YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest video broadcasting website and the second largest search engine in the world. People have been uploading videos and watching them since a long time now. YouTube is popular because of many reasons. First, you can find different types of video including how to guides, reviews, movies and more. Second, YouTube […]

How to Copy Windows Store App Link in Windows 10
How to Change Windows Store Location / Country

Although, Apple introduced App Store a couple of years ago but Microsoft launched Windows Store just 3 years back. Although, Microsoft tried to make the Windows Store feature-rich but somehow this is not as feature-rich as other similar stores are. Windows 10 users are in need of some important features in Windows Store so that […]

How to Rearrange Action Center Icons in Windows 10
Windows 10

If you have Windows 10, you know how good Windows 10 is. Features wise, this is probably the best OS that Microsoft has ever developed. It has been improving day by day by Microsoft as well as users. In Windows 10, you can find plenty of new features. One little yet very helpful feature is […]

How to Enable Enhanced Anti Spoofing in Windows 10
Remove All Built-in Apps in Windows 10 from Current and All Accounts

Microsoft has enhanced so many things in Windows 10 apart from including a lot of new features. The most interesting and useful thing of Windows 10 is the security. Although, previously Windows 7 or 8.1 had Windows Defender but this time, Windows 10 has a lot more security that previous versions. In one hand, you […]

Top 3 Android Mobiles with 6GB RAM
Best Android Mobiles with 6GB RAM

6-7 years ago, it provided an awesome performance with only 512Mb or 768Mb RAM. It was a nice moment when your mobile has that much RAM. But, now a 512Mb RAM is very rare as mobile companies are being developed with latest technology. In 2016, an entry level Android mobile has at least 1GB of […]

How to Backup Contacts to SD Card in Android
Nexus mobile

There are more Android users than any other platform including Windows Phone and iOS. People opt for Android because of the cheap price as the variety of mobile. It doesn’t matter whether you have Android or any other mobile but it is sure that you have a lot of contacts. We all have loads of […]

How to Record Video While Screen is Locked [iPhone Guide]
How to Record Video While Screen is Locked [iPhone Guide]

iOS always get special attention from all kind of people. This is because of having such a nice interface as well as awesome features. Any type of people can opt for iOS as iOS is developed for students, businessman, office employees and all the other people. It doesn’t matter what your field is but you […]

Asus ZenPad Z8: Full Specifications, Features and Price
Asus ZenPad Z8 Specifications

It’s been a long time since the Chinese computer electronics company has opted for the mobile market and they have launched plenty of mobiles as well as tablets in various countries. Although, they generally release mid-range and entry level gadgets, but still they have come up with a strong fan base in China and India. […]

Panasonic P75: Specifications, Features and Price
Panasonic P75

The trending Japanese mobile company has been developing some new mobiles. As of now, they have launched plenty of mobiles for the Indian mobile market. However, now, they have launched Panasonic P75 with some good features and specifications. This is needless to mention that P75 is an entry-level Android mobile, which is being sold by […]

Asus ZenFone Pegasus 3: Specifications, Features and Price
Asus ZenFone Pegasus 3

The well-known computer electronics company has been making mobiles since a long time now. This time, they have launched an entry level Android mobile called Asus ZenFone Pegasus 3, which has been launched in China. Although, there is no such news on the availability in other countries, but it seems it will be available in […]

How to Enable Adaptive Brightness in Windows 10
How to Disable ads on Windows 10 Lock Screen

Windows 10 is an awesome operating system and this is being used by different types of people including students, businessman etc. No matter, what device you use, you should always take care of your eyes. It can be a mobile or laptop or large desktop monitor. You should always check the brightness and contrast level […]