Top 3 Extensions for WhatsApp for Android
Top 3 Extensions for WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp is a widely used chat app that is application of almost all mobile platforms. Nowadays, WhatsApp is heading to desktop as well and as a result, they have launched the browser version of WhatsApp. After getting acquired by Facebook, they have made several changes. The biggest update is now you do not have to […]

How to Disable Auto Correction in Android Marshmallow
Android Robot with Mouse

Android does not require any introduction as this is probably the best mobile platform out there and it is being used widely by millions of people. Every year, Google launches a new update to bring new features for Android users. Currently, Android Marshmallow is running and can get some really useful features to do something […]

How to Disable Facebook Notification on Google Chrome

Nowadays, Facebook is one of the most visited sites by different types of people. For example, a student uses Facebook to get connected with friends, a businessman uses Facebook to make more connection and so on. In other words, Facebook is being used by every type of people from across the globe. To get more […]

How to Open YouTube when Blocked in Office
Top 5 Greasemonkey Scripts for YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video broadcasting site and second largest search engine in the world, which is being managed by the web giant, Google. Different people use YouTube for different reasons. For example, marketing companies use YouTube to promote their products. Many internet marketers use YouTube to promote a new product. Students use this […]

CustomizerGod: Change Icon of Anything in Windows

Windows is popular for many reasons and here is another one. That is using custom icon to decorate folder, file etc. Although, you can include or change icon of various thing in Windows, but this is not possible to do the same with Taskbar or any system application. But, if you follow this guide, you […]

Metal-made Huawei GX8 officially launches in the US

The Shenzhen based mobile company, Huawei, has launched a brand new mobile in the US, which is known as Huawei GX8. Previously, it was launched in the China, the home country of the company and now it is heading over to the another big smartphone marker aka USA. This is not the first time, when […]

How to Open Excel Sheet at Startup in Excel 2013/2016

Microsoft has some awesome tools or package of tools and Office is one of them. Among all the tools of Office package, Excel is probably the best one they have ever created. Every type of people including student, businessman, employee etc. needs this tool to simply all the things. Nowadays, Excel 2013, Office 365 and […]

How to Block Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Microsoft is continuously revamping their latest operating system. Although, this is now not a new feature, but Microsoft Edge web browser is brand new for Windows 10 users. Microsoft introduced Edge a long time ago through an Insider Preview of Windows 10. Following that, Microsoft Edge has got several updates to feature new options and […]

How to Monitor Windows Registry Changes
Microsoft Windows

OUWindows Registry is probably the most sensitive thing in Windows operating system as a little wrong change may corrupt entire system within seconds. It is as powerful as you can do anything with the help of Windows Registry Editor. From customization to adding any few option or feature, you can do almost anything with the […]

Motorola Launches Moto X Force In India For ₹49,999/-

Hello Motto. Remembering back, the device that changed our perspective regarding a smartphone, Moto X, got released two years ago with an attractive price tag, balancing hardware specs and software features. Since then, Motorola had released many variants to appeal variety of customers and gained popularity in smartphone market. Now, the company had released their […]

Read WhatsApp Message without Notifying the Sender
Read whatsapp message without sending blue tick

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging app that is readily available for almost all platforms out there. In fact, WhatsApp is trying to enter into the desktop and web world silently. They have already launched the web version of WhatsApp to the world, which was a massive buzz in the tech world. […]