How to Enable Clean URL while Installing Drupal on WAMP
Drupal logo

Blogging has grown up faster over the past few years, and more people are joining the blogosphere than earlier since there are different scopes to earn money from blogging. If you want to make money from blogging or if you want to take blogging seriously, you must have to choose the best CMS for your […]

Pokecrew shows exact location of Pokemon
Pokemon Go

Nowadays, there is only one trend of mobile gaming, and that is all about Pokemon GO, which is available for free for Android and iOS. Although, it has just launched in only thirty countries but still it has gained a lot of success in a very short span of time. However, if you have Pokemon […]

How to Change Calendar Alert Tone on iOS
Calendar alert tone

Like other mobile platforms such as Android and Windows Phone, you can find a calendar app on your iPhone or iPad as well. This is an inbuilt app of Apple, which is being sued by many people those need to schedule all the important tasks and get a reminder at a particular time or when […]

How to Turn Off Location Based Ads on iOS
iOS 10

Unquestionably, iOS is one of the best platforms what you can opt for a mobile and tablet. All those apps, games, and functions are making this platform even better. On iOS 10, Apple has made several improvements like Bedtime, Low-Quality Image, Lock Screen Widgets, etc. Although this is not new, you can still find it […]

Timyo: Free Email Client for iPhone and iPad

Although, iPhone and iPad has a very useful email app called Apple Mail some people do not want to use that client because of many reasons. Sometimes, they need more features when sometimes they just do not want to use the inbuilt app that their iPhone or iPad has. Therefore, to solve this problem here […]

How to Disable Chrome Desktop Push Notification
Google Chrome Logo

Google Chrome is a very feature rich web browser that comes with loads of options and functions so that users get most out of the internet browser. Google Chrome is popular because of many reasons including speed, reliability, bandwidth consumption, etc. However, Google Chrome has yet another useful feature called Push Notification. Suppose, you often […]

Polymail: Most Powerful Email Client for iOS
Polymail email client for iOS

The Mac based email client, Polymail, has got an enhancement and now this free email client is available for iOS as well. Earlier, the developers launched this interest feature-rich email client only for Mac. However, now the other Apple users aka iOS users would be able to use Polymail on their respective device. Also, previously, […]

Zoho Notebook: Best Alternative to Evernote for Android and iOS
Zoho Notebook for Android and iOS

Zoho is a popular company around the globe, which develops prettiest software and service. For example, Zoho Notebook that help users to take notes and this is probably the best alternative to Evernote and any other note taking apps for Android and iOS. Zoho Notebook has recently got an update, which brings more features and […]

How to Capture Scrolling Page Screen on iOS

When it comes to stability, iOS becomes first one to choose. No matter what kind of problem you have, most of them can be solved using given functions or by using a simple third party app. Although, iOS doesn’t support apps from outside of the App Store but the App Store contains hundreds of free […]

Unlock Restricted Sites on iOS using Rocket VPN

iOS is a very popular mobile platform that is being used on only iDevice such as iPhone, iPad etc. Sometime, you will get some websites those are actually unavailable in some other country but not in your country. There are different ways to access those websites. First, you can use web proxy those will let […]

TypeApp Email: Best Email Client for Android

Android mobiles always come with several in-built apps. To fulfill almost all kinds of basic demands, you can find an app on your Android mobile as system app. However, sometime, you not be satisfied with the app that is given by Google. There are many people, who use Gmail app on their Android mobile but […]

How to Fake GPS Location on Android
Location on Map

Android is popular because of many reasons and the availability of wide range of free apps is one of them that helps any kind of user to get more out of the mobile. Android mobiles are comparatively cheaper than iOS but still it is pretty good it terms of apps, features and all. However, sometime, […]