Secure Your Computer with BIOS or UEFI passwords

Computers have become an integrated part of our daily life. It’s more like an organ of our system now a days, less a digital assistant. We always safeguard our personal things and our computer or laptop tops this list. The protection of our PC and the data within it is all important to us. A […]

Create portable version of apps in windows 8

Lets say that, you own more than one desktops that run on Windows 8, 8.1 or on some earlier versions. Now, it’s pretty obvious that you will go for portable Windows applications.Generally, we all do. Because, we all want to have the same library of apps on every windows machine we possess. Supporting this matter there […]

Add ons for Google Docs and Sheets Add Extra Functionality to Drive

Google docs and sheets are always handy stuffs whether one need to submit their school project report or a documentation of recent projects for their office or to maintain all address of all your vendors or clients. Google, recently updated some intelligent add ons for Google Docs and Sheets, brightening their existing functionality. The focus […]

Tumbler Announces Two Factor Authentication

Following the security trends of the internet giants like Google, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and others, tumblr, one of the most popular personal blogging platform, recently announces two factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to its account. Now, tumblr users can turn on the service any time to have that added layer of security. […]

OneNote for Mac and Windows

Microsoft’s OneNote, one of the most popular note taking app made a real and much awaited announcement recently. OneNote for Mac is now a reality and thankfully, without a single buck. Now, with this release, OneNote is available on every platform we care about like, Web, Handhelds and Laptops. Now,you can directly create, annotate, edit, save […]

Wearable Android? Google Just Announces to make It a Reality Soon

Google has shown their commitment again to this ever evolving technology world by announcing their first step to develop wearable android devices beyond Google Glass. They are starting with the most common and essential wearable- smart watches. For this new project Google already has grouped with some top electronics giants like, Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung. […]

Feedly Adds OneNote Integration for Pro Users

After the sad demise of Google reader, Feedly, one of the top listed content and rss reader has seen a staggering growth in the user base. Adding another feather to this successful journey, Feedly added OneNote integration for it’s pro users(also available for all users until April 17 as a trial) as announced on the […]

Import or Export Feedly Subscriptions to OPML

Feedly has been the ideal online reader application since the sudden demise of Google reader. It helped people in seamlessly migrating their data from Google reader to their servers. No doubt, Feedly is proved to be one of the best online reader applications around. It’s easy to use, fast and has a very responsive design. […]

Install Android OS on PC, Mac or Linux, With Ease

Android OS needs no introduction. We all use it, day in, day out and we love it, right? However, many of us still can’t install,use, or test the newest versions of the Android OS (4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 – the image isn’t officially available for download) due to our phone’s hardware or software limitations. […]

Create Ebooks From Wikipedia Articles In Eight Easy Steps

Wikipedia is a great resource for any imaginable or unimaginable topic. Even search engines give priority to Wikipedia when it comes to specific search terms. For instance, if you are searching for the complete structure of an “ebook”, type “ebook” in the Google search bar. You can easily find a detailed Wikipedia article on “ebook” […]

Top Three All In One Chat Messenger For PC

An All in one chat messenger lets you replicate all your chat contacts to a single application. You can easily manage, edit and most importantly chat with all you friends of Facebook, Google talk (now, Google Hangout), Windows Live messenger (now, Skype), Yahoo messenger and more from that single app. Benefits? Here you go: You […]