3 Android Apps to Customize Status Bar and Notification Bar

It doesn’t matter whether you want to want to customize a small part of your Android mobile or the whole the device – everything is possible on Android because of the available of apps and ROMs. The status bar and the notification bar are two major elements for any Android user. The status bar helps users find time, battery level and some pending notification icons. On the other hand, the notification bar helps users to find out all the notifications and some other buttons to deal with various power options, cellular data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and much more. Some mobile companies often try to customize those two things in their own UI or ROM. However, sometimes, we want to get more out of these two segments of Android mobile. Here are some free and paid Android apps to customize status bar and notification bar without any issue.

Android Apps to Customize Status Bar and Notification Bar

Of course, there are tons of other similar apps available out there. But, the following apps are widely popular and very easy to use as well.

1] Material Status Bar Notific (Free, Paid)


Android has done several changes over the years, and one of the best things is the material design. We all love the material device since this is clean and better for all the people. However, some mobile manufacturers do not include the material status bar at all. If your mobile company has not added yet and you want to get the same, you can try installing Material Status Bar Notific on your Android mobile. You can choose anyone between Lollipop, Flat, and Gradient. Apart from that, you can choose various themes, adjust brightness, choose a custom color, enable/disable battery percentage and more others. This app is available for Android 4.0 and later version. On the other hand, if you want to unlock all the features, do purchase the premium version for $1.49. Download

2] iNoty OS 10 Pro (Free)


Though the name suggests “Pro, ” but this is an entirely free app to customize the notification and status bar. Actually, you can call it a control center and notification center maker. In other words, you can include a notification center and control center just like iOS 7.0 and late version. There are many people, who like those features of iOS and wish to get them on Android mobile. iNoty OS 10 PRO is the perfect app for Android to get all the thing under your fingertip. The best part about this app’s customization is you can set own wallpaper as the background. Apart from that, you would be able to separate notifications based on the app, which is unavailable by default. Download

3] Status (Free)


The name says it all – Status helps users customize the status bar only. Like Material Status Bar Notific, you would be able to customize your status bar at the highest level. This is possible to use custom color, show/hide particular icon, change particular icon color, always show status bar and more. This is possible to find Wi-Fi networks, and check their strength before connecting. The same thing can be done with Bluetooth as well. Status for Android is available for Android 4.1 and later version. Talking about the user interface, Status looks pretty good as it has material UI. All the functions are well categorized and you can find them under each tab. Download

As mentioned earlier, you can find more other similar apps. However, try out these free apps and do let us know your favorite one.

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