3 Best Online Email Address Generators

Security is the one which many of us look after. It is even considered more when we are online. Most of online things happen through email address and it might be the source for any spam. Some websites need an email address to proceed further. There might be a case where we go to that website only once and for that we need to provide our real email address to move forward.

disposal email address

We will be receiving many updates from that site which are of no use for us and we are not interested in them. But, there is a solution for such things. You can use fake email address to get rid of those things.

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Online sources to generate fake email address

There might be many email address generators and I will take you through best 3 online sources among them. These online sources generate the email address which are for one-time use and that would be a great help for us.

Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator is really very simple to use. You just need to start typing email in the box. You need to select the domain from the dropdown provided beside the box. Then, click on the “Copy” button to copy the email address. You can use this email in registration on websites and anywhere else. When any new email arrives with the email address, it goes to this page.

Fake Mail Generator

This page constantly gets refreshed for new mails. Fake Mail Generator does not require any registration and is easy to use and is the best choice.

Throwaway Mail

Throwaway Mail does the complete job without asking us to enter the first part of the email address. Once you visit the site, it gives you the fake email address. If you do not like it, just click on the “Generate new email address” and it generates another fake email address. Just copy the generated email address and use it wherever you want. It also refreshes for new emails received and is one of the best online email address generators.

Disposal email address_throw away email


Using MailDrop, you just need to enter the first half of the email address in the box on the top right corner and click on “Go” button. It takes you to the inbox of your fake email address. There you can receive the emails received to your fake email address. It gives you the direct link to your mail box and you can use it as a bookmark to return directly to your inbox of the fake email address.

MailDrop fake email generator

MailDrop also gives you the extra layer of security by providing you the alias email address for the generated fake email address.


These are some of the best online email address generators. Use these sources to generate fake email address and use them when you are in need of email address and it might be very helpful for one time use. Do you know any other sources to generate fake email address? If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments.

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