4 Apps to Backup Android Phone to Windows

How to backup Android phone to Windows? If you are looking for the answer of this question, you are probably on the right page. Apple has a very useful tool called iTunes that helps users backup their iOS devices to Windows and Mac. By using iTunes, this is possible to backup everything within moments. On the other hand, there is

Apple has a very useful tool called iTunes that helps users backup their iOS devices to Windows and Mac. By using iTunes, this is possible to backup everything within moments. On the other hand, there is iCloud that assists people to backup data to a cloud storage and access them from anywhere. Although Android does quite a similar thing with Google Drive, you cannot backup everything to your Windows computer. This is where these following tools come in. By utilizing these following apps, you would be able to backup Android phone to Windows PC without any issue. Sometimes you need to pay a few bucks, but sometimes you may get the tool for free.

Apps to Backup Android Phone to Windows

1] MobileGo


MobileGo is one of the best tools to backup Android phone to Windows PC. This software is available for Windows XP to all the later versions including Windows 10. On the other hand, you can download it on Android mobile running Android 2.0 to 6.0. To make use of this tool, you can take help of Wi-Fi or USB cable. It does support almost all the key manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, SONY, ZTE, LG, and Apple as well. You can backup everything including contacts, apps, files, and so on. The price of MobileGo is $29.95 for 1PC. As of now, this is not available for multiple computers. Buy

2] TunesGo


This is another app developed by Wondershare. However, this is entirely different from MobileGo since it can help you to migrate from iOS to Android over your Windows computer. Not only Windows but also you can download TunesGo for Mac as well. Like MobileGo, you can backup Music, video, images, message, contacts, etc. using this tool. It does support Windows XP and later version. You can use your USB cable to connect your phone to your computer. The price of this tool is $49.95 for one year for 1PC. If you need lifetime access to multiple computers, you need to spend $159.95. Try/Buy

3] MOBILedit


MOBILedit is yet another app for this purpose. Talking about the stability, you cannot find any significant difference from other two apps mentioned above. The user interface of MOBILedit is not bad. Although you can find several options to manage your backup, you would not get distracted. The best part of this tool is you can delete duplicate contacts, messages, files, etc. the Basic version of MOBILedit is priced at $25 and available for two mobiles and one computer. The Enterprise version costs around $499, which is available for unlimited phones. Try/Buy

4] SyncDroid


SyncDroid is a completely free Windows tool that helps users backup Android’s data to a computer without any risk. Like other apps above, this is possible to backup audio, video, pictures, contacts, and more. It is compatible with Windows Vista and later version. On the other hand, you should have 200MB free space to install this software. Talking about the Android compatibility, you need Android 2.1 and later version to install this app. it does support some famous companies’ mobiles such as Samsung, SONY, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc. The user interface of SyncDroid is not bad. However, when you load all the files on SyncDroid, you may find a cluttered window. But, that can be resolved if you look at a single part at a time. Download

Considering all the facts, features, and price, all of these tools mentioned above are very useful for any person without any level of knowledge. At first, try the SyncDroid. If you find it useful, then spend some money and buy a premium tool for the same.

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