5 Useful Android Features You are Neglecting

When it comes to getting a mobile with loads of free apps, Android knocks the mind every time. Android is popular because of plenty of reasons. First, you can get hundreds of free apps available on Google Play Store as well as third-party resources. Second, you can get an Android mobile at a cheaper price than iOS. Third, you can get great features at an affordable price. Although Android comes with so many useful features, we sometimes neglect few of them. They are useful but we ignore them most of the times. Today this article will let you know what are those features to remind you that your Android mobile does more job than you think of.

5 Useful Android Features You are Neglecting


1] Long-press home button

Almost all the mobiles have a home button – either a physical button of an on-screen button. But, the last thing is you have a home button. If you press the home button for few second, you can find the Google Now window where you can search for almost anything. However, we have been neglecting that feature. Instead we open the Google Now by swiping from left to right or by saying OK Google.

2] Pin a Screen

Sometimes we need to hand over our mobiles to a friend or someone. At such moments, he/she asks you to use a particular feature but later he/she starts using something different. To prevent them from doing such things, you can simply pin a screen so that the can stick to a particular feature. This screen pinning also helps users to protect your mobile from third-person. You can pin any screen on your Android mobile. However, you need Android Lollipop or later version.

3] Smart Lock

Smart Lock is yet another feature of Android mobile that helps users to unlock mobiles using Bluetooth or by saying something. For instance, your mobile is paired with your computer Bluetooth and you want to get it unlocked whenever you are at home. You can just opt for Smart Lock that will let you unlock or lock your mobile according to different conditions i.e. Bluetooth, motion, voice command, location etc. Head over to Settings > Security > Smart Lock to utilize this function.

4] Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is probably the best features among all the Android functions. It helps users to find their mobile when it is connected to the internet and the Location Service is ON. After the launch of this feature, it became very popular. However, now the popularity of this feature is faded out over the time. But, you can find your mobile on a visual map, ring your phone as well as erase data remotely. You need to sign in to your Gmail account from another device to get it done.

5] Do not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb Mode is probably available on stock Android only. However, you can use this feature on Android 6.0 or later version. By using this feature, you would be able to put your phone in complete silent mode for particular span of time. The Priority Only Mode will assist you to get call and notifications from particular contacts only. The second function will block everything from top to bottom.

There are more other useful Android features those are being neglected over the time. However, do use them and get a better user experience with your existing Android mobile.

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