Save Your Eyes From Your Monitor With F.lux

Anyone who works on a computer most of the time can tell you that there are small annoyances that occur. The biggest one for me personally is the brightness of my monitor at night. I have tried just turning my brightness down, and found that it hasn’t been the best option.

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I recently discovered a free app called f.lux. F.lux works by changing the overall color of your screen based on what time of day it is. You can input a latitude and longitude, and the program will determine when your sunrise and sunset are. The overall effect is hard to describe, so I made a short video to try and show what exactly happens.

Setting Up f.lux

Setting up your f.lux installation is very easy. When you install it, it will add a small icon to your task bar, and from there you can access the setting menu.

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When you click the icon, you will see this screen. There is the option to disable the product for one hour if you are doing color sensitive work. To edit the options, press the ‘Change Settings’ button.

flux, options, settings, colors

In the settings, you can edit the levels of the each effect. Here, you can also input the location as well has change the transition speed (either 20 seconds or 60 minutes.)

Thoughts on Eye-Saving f.lux

As you can see, the interface is very simple. However, the effects are really great. As a blogger and a student, I work late nights sometimes, and I find the f.lux has changed my feeling about doing it. I really like this little application.

What are your thoughts on f.lux? Let us know any questions or comments in the section below.



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