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Are you a busy person and do you work all the time? If YES, you might have faced ‘short term memory loss’ problems many times. Isn’t it? What did you think at such moment? If you have ever thought to hire a virtual assistant, this is the perfect guide for you. My simple suggestion is, don’t waste your money on a virtual assistant when you can get one for free.

Agent for Android is one of the best free virtual assistant or automation applications. Now, you are thinking that how can an app compete with a real virtual assistant. Am I right?

Obviously, you should think. Anyway, now, read on to know how Agent for Android can replace a real virtual assistant.

You know that Tasker for Android is the best automation app. Alike that Agent is yet another great similar app to that. The only difference is it is free and comes with fewer features. However, that does not matter.

Busy people often forget to do silly things because a professional always keeps in mind all of their important tasks. For instance, most of the busy individuals forget to turn on Silent mode while in the meeting or similar to this. There are also so many other issues.

However, the solution is same. You need an automation app that will help you to remember all the things you should do. This is where Agent steps in. Agent has a neat and clean visual design and all the features are well-managed.


Features of Agent for Android

All it’s features or options are categorized in five main categories. Once you download and open it on your mobile, you can find five options, i.e. Battery, Sleep, Parking, Meeting and Drive. Each option is demonstrated below.



Let’s assume that your phone’s battery is not providing sufficient backup due to some reasons. At such moment, if you have turned on tons of apps and auto-synchronization, your phone will be switched off due to insufficient battery backup. At such moment, you can easily use the Battery section of Agent for Android to turn them off when your battery reaches 15% or 20% backup.



You know that everyone needs to sleep for at least 5 hours every day. Agent will help you to do so. NO, it won’t provide any sleeping pill. Instead, it will silent your phone so that you can sleep better without being destructed by anyone.



If you often forget the place where you have parked the car, this is the perfect fix of that problem. The Parking section can pin the place in the inbuilt map so that you can find your car quickly.


If you are a busy person, obviously you are a Calendar user. If you use Calendar to remember meeting dates and times, this Meeting option can help you better. It can synchronize your existing schedules and notify you everytime.


You know that this is dangerous to use the phone while driving. Agent can help you to detect whether you are driving or not and send SMS to the caller. Obviously, you can set custom text and many other things so that you can tell your caller that you are driving and this is very difficult for you to pick up the phone.

Bottom Line

Agent for Android is one of the best automation apps that you can get at free of cost. But, you have to learn it carefully before implanting it in real life. Otherwise, you may face problems due to wrong settings.

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