All You Need to Know about Samsung Galaxy S7

From the past few weeks, we have been getting some news on new Samsung Galaxy mobile named Samsung Galaxy S7. Although, nothing has been announced officially, yet, some trusted sources have started providing news everyday on this same matter. Recently, we have come to know that Samsung Galaxy S7 will bring back the microSD card slot.

Recently, Samsung has launched several mobiles including Samsung Galaxy A8, Galaxy J5, Galaxy J7 and more others. Although, Galaxy S7 is still under development and there is no such official news, yet, you can check out some rumored features what are trending nowadays.

Possible features of Samsung Galaxy S7

Possible features of Samsung Galaxy S7

Obviously, you can find something new and huge enhancements in terms of looks, user interface and hardware. On the other hand, some news sources have claimed that the camera will carry BRITECELL camera sensor. This will certainly make mobile photographers more than happy.

Samsung always try to compete with Apple iPhones. If everything goes right, users will get a technology something like 3D touch in this upcoming mobile. You know that, 3D touch helps users to do something faster and smoother without wasting any time. If Samsung can integrate something like that, it will be a whistle blower for them since Android mobiles always have a lack of new features.

On the other hand, you can get two different variants of this mobile. This is expected to launch Premium and Sub-Premium version of this same mobile. However, nothing is confirmed now.

Display: When it comes to display of Samsung mobiles, you do not need to think twice since it provides best color and sensitivity. This time, this is expected to get a 5.2-inch flat QHD display. But, if this is correct, users will be disappointed indeed since other mobiles are providing much bigger display. Nowadays, people use mobile for clicking pictures and gaming. For them, you must have a big screen mobile. Anyway, the screen resolution would be like around 2560 x 1440 pixels, which bigger than you think of.

Hardware: When older Samsung mobile have arrived with some great hardware, this is projected to get a better hardware this time. According to some news sources, it seems you are about to get either Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 processor. Chipset and GPU specifications are still not public. On the other hand, you will get 4GB RAM, which is massive for gaming and multi-tasking. In addition, 64GB internal storage is almost set to arrive.

Camera: As mentioned before this time, Samsung is cooking something big. As a result, they can provide 20 MP rear camera with BRITECELL camera sensor. At the same time, 8MP front camera will be included too.

Network: There is no doubt that it will carry 4G LTE alongside 2G and 3G. On the other hand, you will get Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and many more. As other mid-range mobiles are providing USB Type-C, this is also an expected feature of Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung always try to include few hardware and this time, they are doing all these things. What do you think about this mobile?

Disclaimer: All these features are not announced by Samsung. They are just a rumor.


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