Need A Complete Solution For Your Blu-ray DVDs? Try DVDFab

Lately, HD videos with higher image clarity have revolutionized the movie viewing experience for users. Blu-ray discs are the word du jour.  With the new technology gradually crowding our video archives, backing them up is a growing necessity. With so many tools around, it was becoming a hard choice to make. But recently when I found out DVDFab Blu-ray Copy, a tool coded to perform an impressive collection of Blu-ray disc related tasks, I knew my search has finally paid off.

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is the first full-featured and the most powerful Blu-ray Copy/Burner/Cloner. It has advanced decrypting or ripping feature. What seems more intriguing is that the tool pioneers in a universal solution to play backup of Cinavia protected Blu-ray disc on PS3 in its latest version. This surely is a long-awaited feature for all DVD/Blu-ray fans across the globe.


Backup Blu-ray To A Blu-ray Disc or Hard Drive:

The tool offers a perfect way you can adopt for backing up Blu-ray discs. To do that all you need to do is create a copy of the Blu-ray disc you wish to backup. In case you do not have a Blu-ray disc at hand, you can also create a backup on your hard drive which can later be burned to a Blu-ray disc at your convenience.

Burn Blu-ray ISO image to A Blu-ray Disc

As you can have learnt from the previous point, you can copy a Blu-ray disc to your hard drive as an ISO file to create a backup for it. Once you need to make another copy of the ISO image you can use the same tool to create a Blu-ray or DVD disc from the image.

Near Perfect Blu-ray Conversion With or Without Compression

The tool offers a near perfect result for 1:1 compression during a Blu-ray copy operation. In easy English, you can create an exact copy of any Blu-ray disc. In addition to this the tool also proves to work fine for downgrade conversion like BD-50 to BD-25, BD-5 or BD-9. It also supports conversion to a wide range of DVD output media formats that can be played across a wide range of players.

Overcome Commercial Copy Protection Barriers

DVDFab comes with a state of art decryption technology that includes a parser that can remove all sorts of copy protection found on any Blu-ray disc available in the market. And with frequent updates the tool is always up to the mark to cope with any latest copy protections that comes to the scene. As mentioned earlier the tool is the first to provide the solution to Cinavia copy protection.

Multiple Copy Modes

Thanks to the preset modes that are there in the tool converting, burning or copying a Blu-ray disc with this tool is a matter of few clicks.

NVIDIA’s CUDA Support Makes Things Blazing Fast

DVDFab can boast of its efficiency in getting faster results. If you have a powerful system specs that comes with multi-core CPUs and NVIDIA’s newest CUDA, DVDFab Blu-ray Copy makes a good use of it and reduces a whopping amount (up to 40%) of time compared to others. Check DVDFab lightning recording benchmark test reports.

Proximity to Perfection

Finally and most importantly the fact that the tool achieves better results as compared to other competitors the tool is a good choice for users for whom better quality is the priority.

System Requirements:

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It is recommended to have a memory of 2GB for best results or atleast 512MB. Since the Blu-ray discs are pretty high on hard drive space usage, you must have a minimum of 50GB free space on your PC. And it is needless to say that you got to have a Blu-ray drive to use it anyway.

Downloads & Pricing:

You can try this tool free for 30 days. To do that you have to download DVDFab Blu-ray Copy.  And if you are convinced with its performance you can buy a license for $60. That may sound a little heavy on your pocket but if you are looking for clarity and accuracy of the task at hand I can assure you that every penny you spend is worth it.

The developers of the tool are committed to DVD copying, Blu-ray copying, Blu-ray ripping, DVD ripping and video conversion for more than 8 years. And all that has made the tool a complete solution to all your Blu-ray disc woes. I have been a fan of the tool ever since I’m using the tool.

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