Best Dash Cam Apps for Android to Record Scenes while Travelling

Undoubtedly, Android is one of the best platforms for any people. No matter whether you are a businessman or student, you can find compatible apps for your purpose for your Android mobile. This is why Android is so much popular among all the people. Many people, mostly travel blogger and vlogger, use dash cam mounted on car dashboard to record everything while driving a car. Obviously, a dash cam is a popular gadget among all the travel bloggers. However, do you know that you can use your Android mobile as a dash cam? That would be better for testing and before buying an original dash cam so that you can understand everything and record a high-quality video. Apparently, the camera app on Android does record everything, but while driving, a dedicated dash cam would be preferable and useful than the native camera app.


However, before opting for an Android device, you should know that this method may not help you record a wide-angle video or you may get problems while recording video at night. Since dedicated dash cams have a sensor for the evening, they record a pretty good quality video whereas Android phone may not be able to do so. If you can comply with all those things, you can head over to check the following dash cam apps for Android.

Best Dash Cam Apps for Android

1] AutoGuard Dash Cam (free, $2.99)

AutoGuard Dash Cam is a popular dash cam app for Android with some very useful features to assist you to record a high-quality video on the go. As mentioned in the title, you can download this app for free as well as spend $2.99 to block all advertisements and unlock all the advanced features. Talking about the features, you can record video while using another app. For instance, we use Maps while driving. Therefore, AutoGuard Dash Cam can record video even when you are using Maps or any other app. However, this feature is available in the Pro version only. On the other hand, you can record video in 1080p as well as 720p. Another useful feature is it can delete the oldest video if you are running out of space. But, this can be stopped upon your settings. This is also possible to upload videos to YouTube directly from this app with Caption as well. Download

2] AutoBoy Dash Cam (Free)

Best Dash Cam Apps for Android to Record Scenes while Travelling

AutoBoy Dash Cam is yet another free dash cam app for Android that will let you record video right from the car dashboard. Feature wise, this is rich, and most of them are very useful as well. Like the AutoGuard Dash Cam, this app can record from the background as well. At the same time, you can pause the recording and do something else. While coming back, you will get the same sequence to resume your recording. It comes with different screen modes, video modes; camera features (zoom, focus, flash, etc.), and more. This is also possible to capture a screenshot while recording through the app and the recording won’t be interrupted at all. You can install AutoBoy Dash Cam on almost all the Android mobiles since this is available for Android 2.3 and later version. Download

3] Car DVR & GPS Navigator (Free, in-app purchase)

This is an all-in-one dash cam app for Android that has three primary features. First, you are getting a dash cam to record videos and your traveling. Second, you have a GPS navigator. That implies, there is no need to switch from dash cam app to another navigation app to check the route. Third and the most interesting feature of Car DVR & GPS Navigator app is it comes with the augmented reality that assists users to check the path in a better way. Users will get an arrow and other signs to get directed by this app. the free version of this app is not bad. However, if you wish to unlock all the features, you may have to spend from $0.99 to $28.01. Download

There are more other dash cam apps for Android. However, these are probably the easiest to use apps for you that can be understood by anybody. Just install one app and start using that on your next trip.

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