Best Font Management Software For Mac

It doesn’t matter whether you are using Windows or macOS, you can indeed access some of the best fonts integrated into the system. Although it is quite tough to change the default system font, you can use all the installed fonts for designing or writing purpose with the help of third-party apps. Apart from having some pre-installed fonts, you can install any compatible fonts on macOS. That is when you need a font management software. Therefore, check out these best font management tools or software for Mac.

Let’s assume that you have installed a couple of fonts or you want to know about all the fonts your system has. This is quite difficult to use the inbuilt tools to know the details, and that is the reason, why you should use a third-party tool for better convenience.

Best Font Management Software For Mac

1] Font Book

Font Book Best Font Management Software For Mac

If you do not want to install third-party software to manage your fonts in Mac, you can opt for the inbuilt tool called Font Book. Font Book is one of the best, minimal, handy tool to manage your fonts. It doesn’t matter whether you want to take care of the preset fonts or third-party fonts, you can do that with the help of Font Book. As this is a pre-loaded app, you do not have to download anything in your Mac. This tool looks pretty good, and you should not have any problem to disable system fonts, install a third-party font, or find something you are looking for. Another useful feature of this tool is you can change the third-party font installation location. By default, it installs fonts in the Users folder. However, if you want, you can change it to something else.

If you do not have any problem installing a third-party font management software in Mac computer, you can check out the following tools.

2] FontBase


FontBase is one of the best tools in this category. No matter whether you want to get a full sentence preview or check each word, you can certainly do that with the help of this freeware. Although FontBase is available for free, you can purchase the PRO version to unlock some of the additional functionalities such as grid view. However, if you are fine with the list view of fonts, you can keep on using the free edition. This is quite easy to organize your existing fonts. You can create different ‘collections’ and include fonts to them so that you can find something very quickly. Also, it shows Active and Inactive fonts so that you can check if a font is already installed or not. The best thing about this tool is you can change the font size, which is very important for graphic as well as web designers. You can visit the official website to download FontBase for Mac.

Although there are so many other free font management tools for Mac, I do not like them personally because of a couple of reasons like bulky interface, unnecessary clutter, etc. Therefore, if you are ready to spend some money so that you can organize and manage fonts for your projects, you can choose anything from the following list. These are quite expensive.

3] Typeface 2

Typeface 2

If you do like a lot of options in an organized way, Typeface 2 might help you get that. It is one of the best paid tools available in the market to categorize and organize your fonts in Mac. From checking the preview to find a newly installed font, it does everything pretty well. Apart from the default sentence, you can write anything in the respective field and check the preview without any problem. Another very important feature is you can create a PDF with your desired font and print that. It helps you monitor how your font will appear in a physical book or project. Talking about the UI, it offers a sidebar, where all tags or categories are placed so that users can switch from one to another and check all the fonts accordingly. Regarding compatibility, you must have macOS 10.11 or later version. Also, it costs $19.99 on Mac App Store. Download

4] Font Explorer


Font Explorer is one of the most expensive font management tools for Mac. However, it does multiple jobs without any problem. From getting the preview to manage them by category, you can do everything with ease. The highlight of this tool is the font detector. If you have a document and you want to know the font used in that document, Font Explorer can do the job for you. Another useful feature is you can change the background color, foreground color, opacity, etc. Sometimes a font looks pretty good with the white background, but it looks dull with other background colors. You can detect the problem with the help of this tool. As mentioned earlier, Font Explorer is not available for free. You can download the trial version, but the full edition costs around $100. You should have macOS 10.9 or later version to install this tool. Download

Final Word

There are more other tools for doing the same job. For instance, RightFont 5 is a very good option. On the other hand, Font Picker is a minimal yet handy tool for Mac. However, these aforementioned list contains much better tools than those. According to me, you should try a third-party tool to handle your fonts. If you do not have a budget, you can use FontBase. However, if you have a pretty good budget and you need a font detection service, you should go with Font Explorer.

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