Best Free Android Apps to Resize Photos

When you are going to buy a brand-new Android smartphone, first of all, the thing comes to your mind is Camera which is one of the big factors to capture a lot of good quality photos. However, forget the past – nowadays technology upgrades with rapid acceleration, due to this reason smartphone comes with a high-resolution autofocus camera. For this reason, it produces photos in MB size. Now you think this is an excellent advantage in photography. But the problem is when you are going to share a picture on Facebook or WhatsApp, it takes up a lot of bandwidth. Now, this is the main disadvantage for all the Android users, as we are fond of WhatsApp and Facebook. And photo resizing is one of the most famous works of the freelance writer.
After knowing this information, you are looking for the app which reduces your picture size without losing its quality. In this short article, we provide you three best apps through which you can reduce your picture size on your Android smartphone.

Best Free Android Apps to Resize Photos

We are trying to give you all the details of this application briefly which help you to resize your photo.

Photo and picture resizer

Photo & Picture Resizer

Reduce and resize your photo size like a fast and very easy. This is a chat application will help you to reduce your photo size and resolution quickly. It has the option that’s you can share your sizing photos much faster on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, email, and multimedia messages also. It is one of the best smart image resizers that reduces your photo size without any losing qualities of pictures. This resizer application will maintain the picture aspect ratio by providing the resolution list based on the camera. It also helps you to convert your photo with less size before putting them on any social network. For this reason, it just touches 43k downloads. This application is entirely free and available on the Google Play Store. To grab this application, click on Download.

Reduce photo size

Reduce Photo Size

This application helps you to reduce picture size. You can resize, crop, rotate photos too. It doesn’t make any influence in the original photo that you want to edit even if the picture after reduced. You can use it either take a picture or pick up an image from the gallery for edit. It is entirely free and available on the Internet, but it contains ad. Download.

Photo compress 2.0 – Ad free

Photo Compress 2.0

This photo resizer application will grant you to compress large size photo into a very smaller size with a very negligible loss in the quality of the picture. So you don’t need any desktop or laptop with special software that compresses your image. It’s not only com compressing your photo but resizing also. You can compress, resize, crop photo with it. You can share the photo; you created after compression. This application is totally ad-free and available on the Google Play Store. To get the application click on Download..

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  1. Amit Gupta says:

    You can use iPro app for compressing images without loosing the quality, resizing images with your desired dimension, create image file size under 100kb or any for upload in web or social media and many more…

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