Best Tips and Tricks to Save Money Online in This Holiday Season

The holiday season has started, and different companies have started offering a huge sale on their products. It doesn’t matter if you are in the US or UK or Canada or India, you can certainly find a lot of ongoing sales offline as well as online. Although this is quite easy to save money offline, you might find it difficult to save money online in this holiday season. Therefore, you can check out these simple tips and tricks so that you can save money and buy more products for you need.

Best Tips and Tricks to Save Money Online

Holiday Season Sale

1] The Sale Trap

This is one of the most used traps used by various eCommerce websites. Instead of offering a discount, they actually increase the price, and it happens with me. Let’s assume that a product costs around $100. On normal days, they sell the product for $79. Before two or three days of starting a sale, they increase the price to $100 or $95 or something like that, and they again increase the price on the sale day to $89 or something like that. That is a trap, and many people fall into that. Therefore, this is recommended to keep an eye on the price even before the sale. Following that, compare the price during the sale. If you think you are getting a discount, you can buy that product. That way, you can save a lot of money.

2] Do Not Rely on One Website/Seller

Let’s assume that you want to buy a new phone and you are familiar with a particular eCommerce website. Obviously, it will make everything smoother if you buy from that website. However, you should check other eCommerce websites as well. In this holiday season, almost every online store will give a huge discount. You should not miss that, and you should rely on the only website. It doesn’t matter if you want to purchase a mobile or washing machine or refrigerator or anything else, you should always check more than one websites and compare the price accordingly.

3] Use VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network can help you get a small discount while purchasing something online. If you have an account on any website and you access that website from that same location all the times, you might not get a good discount. That is the reason, why you should change your IP location. Although this doesn’t happen all the times, many people have got some huge discount on flight ticket, eCommerce website and so on. There are some free and paid VPN apps available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. You can use Windscribe, ExpressVPN, TurboVPN, NordVPN and so on.

4] Search for Coupon

No matter whether you are about to purchase a domain, hosting, or cloths or shoes, you should search for a coupon code first. Almost all the websites offer discount coupons so that consumers can purchase something at a discounted price. There are hundreds of coupon websites where you can find coupons. Obviously, that doesn’t work in one way. When you apply a coupon, the provider will get a commision as well.

5] Buy Using Someone’s Affiliate Link

Affiliate marketers earn huge amount of money in this holiday season. If you know any affiliate marketers and he/she is making commision from a particular eCommerce website, you can ask him/her to give you a small cashback or reward, and in return, you will purchase something using his/her affiliate link. That way, both of you will be the gainer.

6] Search for Wallet Cashback

Nowadays, there are so many online wallets and mobile wallets. For example, in India, you can find PhonePe, Airtel Money, Paytm and so on. You can buy products using those online wallets, and there is a high chance of getting some cashback in your wallet. For that, you need to check your online wallet account before purchasing anything using that.

7] Leave Items in Your Cart

I won’t say this is a confirmed method to save money online, but it works sometimes. I have tried this method personally with Amazon, and I ended up getting a good discount for a mobile. The whole scene is something like this. Open up the eCommerce website and log into your account. Following that, browse some pages, check some variants of your desired product and add one item in your cart. Do not purchase the item immediately and instead wait for a few hours or even a day. You might get an email from that website at a discounted price. I got the discount after two days. You can use the same technique to save some money online.

8] Contact Your Bank to Know about All Offers

Different banks offer different discounts based on the card you have. You might not always get email or SMS regarding the discount, but you can contact your bank’s customer care to check if some offer is going on or not.

That’s it! These are the best tips and tricks to save money online.

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