Best Mobile Accessories You Can Buy in This Holiday Season

Mobile is a precious thing in many people’s lives. It doesn’t matter whether you are using mobile for SMS and phone call or you record video with your mobile, you can check out this article where you can find some of the best accessories for your mobile that you can buy in this holiday season.

The holiday season has started, and this is the perfect time to buy electronic gadgets and accessories. If you are looking for something for your mobile, just read on.

Best Mobile Accessories

It depends on the person, who is buying it. However, there are some common accessories you can purchase from various online as well as offline stores, and some of them are mentioned below.

Best Mobile Accessories


A headphone is probably the most important thing you can buy. Almost all the mobiles come with a headphone (except few). However, many people do not like the quality of such company-made headphones, and instead, they want to opt for a different one. If you are one of them, who want to buy a headphone, you should check the jack, at first. Nowadays, manufacturers are opting for Type-C port. Therefore, if you have a Type-C to 3.5mm headphone jack converter, you can buy almost any headphone. However, if you do not want to use such a converter, you need to opt for a Type-C headphone. Also, you can check out some Bluetooth headphones. More specifically, Sony WH-CH700N and Bose QuietComfort 35 are two of the best budget headphones available on Amazon. If you are looking for very cheap earphone, you can check out Sony MDRXB50AP. This costs around $30 but the sound quality is pretty good.

Power Bank

In this holiday season, you might capture a lot of images and record a huge amount of video. That means your phone will provide not a huge battery backup. To continue doing all those things, you need a power bank, which might help you in such situations. You can keep recording videos, and capturing images all the times if you have a power bank in your bag. You do not have to worry about your battery backup at all. To be specific, you can buy Mi Power Bank, which comes with 20000 mAh battery backup and you can charge your phone at least 4 times from 0 to 100. It has quick two-way charging, dual USB output, etc. This power bank looks fancy, and it doesn’t weight a lot. In India, it costs around Rs. 1499.

Mobile Skin

If you have a high-value mobile, you may not want to get a scratch on your mobile. To prevent all the scratches, you can use a skin on your mobile. It will help you in two different ways. First, it will make your mobile fancier. Second, you can get rid of all the unnecessary scratches on your mobile. Obviously, you need to use tempered glass for front side protection; you can use a mobile skin for the rear side. Dbrand a popular and one of the best skin designer/maker, which helps you create your own design for your mobile. However, it doesn’t support all the mobiles available in the market, but you can find all the popular Apple, Samsung, Google mobiles on their website. The cost of a skin is affordable, and you will get a top-notch skin from their website. It doesn’t matter whether you live in India, Canada, USA or UK, you can order skin from their website.


Like DSLR, you can install various lenses on your mobile. Let’s assume that your mobile cannot capture a very high-resolution macro shot of a tiny object. Or your mobile doesn’t have a good zoom quality. At such moments, you can use a dedicated lens with your mobile to get the image in high resolution. You can use a macro lens, telephoto lens, wide angle lens, fish eye lens and so on. A decent lens costs around $30 and more. You can buy a kit as well. It will let you use various lenses in various situations.

Memory Card

Let’s assume that you have a mobile with 64GB or 32GB internal storage, but you need to capture a lot of 4K videos. This is needless to mention that you need a memory card so that you can store all the data without transferring them to your PC. Based on the mobile, you can purchase different SD cards. However, this is recommended to use a class 10 or EVO+ memory card. They are fast, and they do not create a problem frequently. However, if your mobile doesn’t have an SD card slot, you can opt for Google Drive to backup everything. Google Drive provides 17GB free storage. Apart from that, their pricing is very low.


If you want to record a video for YouTube, and you need to make your camera stable, you can use a tripod. There are several tripods available in the market, and the price starts from as low as $15. However, this is not recommended to buy a cheap tripod. You might end up wasting your money. Instead, go for a better quality tripod. They cost around $50 and more.


Gimbal is important when you record a motion video. If your mobile has EIS, you might not need this. However, if you do not have EIS, you can make your phone stable with a gimbal. It costs around $200-$400. It depends on the company, quality, and usability. Go to an offline store and check if the gimbal is not heavy, the body is solid, and so on.

That’s all! These are some of the mobile accessories you can buy in this holiday season.

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