Best Camera Accessories You Can Buy in This Holiday Season

If you are into photography, videography or you are a vlogger, who often record video or you are a YouTuber, and you need to upgrade your camera, do check this list to find out some of the best camera accessories you can buy in this holiday season. Not only in this holiday season but also you can buy them anytime whenever you need them.

Best Camera Accessories

It doesn’t matter whether you are a vlogger or regular photographer, these following components are really important if you want to take your business to the next level.

Best Camera Accessories


If you buy an entry level DSLR, you might get a kit lens. Most of the entry-level DSLRs come with an 18-55mm standard kit lens, which is next to junk. Although you can get started with that lens, you might get the actual potential of your camera by using that kit lens. Therefore, this is recommended to buy a secondary lens to get more out of your expensive DSLR camera. For vlogging, you can purchase an 18mm prime lens, for YouTube videos, you can buy an 18-24mm or 35mm prime lens, for photography, you can buy a 50mm or 35mm prime lens and so on. However, if you need to buy a telephoto lens, you should opt for any lens that doesn’t have VR or Vibration Reduction. If you purchase a lens with VR, you might not get a good output.


Let’s assume that you are into videography and you often need to record videos in motion. There is a high chance that you are not able to record videos without vibration or shakiness. Mobile has EIS or Electric Image Stabilization. Just like that, Gimbal works as a physical stabilization device. You can move your hand from right to left or vice versa, but your camera will stay still. You need to set the focus on something, and the Gimbal will move the camera according to the focused object. A good gimbal costs around $200-$400. You can check the weight and build quality of the gimbal before purchasing.

External Mic

If you have a vlogging channel and you often go from place to place with your DSLR, you should have an external mic to record the voice in HD quality. For a video, audio is equally important. If you have good content, but your audio is dull, it will end up providing the bad user experience. Obviously,  the in-built mic of your camera can record audio, but most of the camera doesn’t record in good quality. Therefore, you should opt for an external mic. There are several manufacturers for the mic, but you can choose Rode, which is a popular company and their products are pretty good. However, if you need a cheap mic, you can check Boya By-M1, which is cheap but the build quality is not that good.


If you travel a lot with your camera and you use your camera all the times, there is a high chance that you often face low battery issue. Therefore, if you want to keep recording for a long time, you need to purchase some extra batteries for your camera. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a Canon camera or Nikon or Sony, you can certainly find an additional battery for your camera. In this case, you should go to an offline store. From my personal experience, I can say that online stores in India cost more money for an additional battery of a mid-range Canon camera than offline stores. Therefore, this is suggested to go to an offline store and compare the price before buying. You can buy more than just one extra battery. You can purchase as many as you want based on your requirements.

Memory Card

Only battery cannot help you record for a long time. To store all the footages, you need a memory card. Also, a 2GB memory card cannot help you a lot if you record videos in 4K. If 4K is your standard quality, you must need 64GB or more storage. Like a battery, you can go to an offline store and compare the price. In this holiday season, many stores give a huge discount, and you can take advantage of those sales. Always purchase a Class 10 or Evo+ memory card. Do not opt for Class 4 or so. They cost less but the writing and reading speed is very poor.

Camera Bag

Let’s assume that you have a good camera, some expensive lenses, batteries, cables, and some other accessories. When you are traveling, you need to make them secure so that they do not get damaged. For that, you need a good camera bag. To be specific, you can check out Brain Freezer J DSLR bag as well as Lewepro Tahoe BP 150 DSLR bag. They are pretty cheap, but they do the job pretty well. If you want to buy an expensive one, which has a hard case, this is recommended to go to an offline store and search for something that fulfills your requirements.

That’s all! These are something you can buy in this holiday season. Apart from these, you can also buy a good tripod for photography as well as videography.

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