Best Travel Apps For iPad

New Year is on the way along with Christmas. If you are planning to travel to your friend’s home or relatives’ house, then this is the right time. Most of the people plan for a trip for this Christmas week and also to celebrate New Year with loved ones. If you are worried about how to where to travel, then no need to think about that. We will take you through the best travel apps for your iPad. You will be amazed after looking at them and you will be using them whenever you plan for any travel thereafter.

Best Travel Apps For iPad


Hipmunk is one of the most needed travel apps for iPad in this holiday season. At this holiday season, we see prices of tickets in every mode of transport going up. Hipmunk helps us to find the hotel fares and flight tickets at the lowest prices possible. It also shows services which would connect people who want to rent their flats to travellers.


Through this app, you can see reviews of flights and hotels. You can even get the nearby shopping malls, theatres available and more through the maps. It is available for free of cost.


Tripit is to organize your plans in a single place. It gives directions to your destinations, weather conditions of the destination and more with just a single mail from you. Just forward the ticket confirmation mail of train or flight or hotel booking to and that takes the actions further. It creates the schedule and will intimate you every now and then. If notifies you the weather condition of the destination from time to time.


You can even sync the plan to Apple or Google Calendar. It also allows you to change/ edit the plan. You can get the flight timings and more details of the flight. It is available for free of cost.


PackPoint has made it’s entry in to best travel apps for iPad due to it’s unique features. The main problem which we face while travelling is what to pack? PackPoint helps you in creating the packing list. It just asks you few questions like,

Are you a man or woman?

Are you travelling on business or leisure?

How many days are you going for?

Where exactly are you going?

What will you do there?


Based on the answers you give, it creates the list of things to be packed and you can go ahead with that. It also considers the time of travel and weather conditions of the destination. It is available for free of cost.

These are some of the best travel apps for your iPad. If you have any more apps of such kind please do share with us through comments.

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