Bing Search for Windows 8.1- It’s Smart and Picturesque

Bing search for Windows 8.1(later also for windows 8) is a real smart thing among all other comprehensive changes, Windows made possible for their new visually rich gen next operating system. It’s really an experience that everyone should test whether you are a finger happy tab owner or a mouse happy desktop owner.

Search From Anywhere

Being a search engine Bing has done a fine job this far. Now, with Windows 8.1, Bing has really changed the whole experience. Users can now start searching right from the much hyped metro start screen. I know, You will be asking, is that a big deal?


Yes. It’s a big deal. The question is not about where are you searching. It’s all about the search result. We used to search our files, locally, on our desktop or laptop and at the same time we search things on the web through a browser. We know that, these are same on basic principle but different on their searching region. First search result is local and the later is global.

Bing search for windows 8.1 bridge this gap. Simply, search anything from anywhere. Everything is global now. How?


Simply, log in to your windows 8.1 account and press ‘Windows logo key‘ button to launch the metro start screen or ‘Windows logo key+S’ ( keyboard short-cut for search) for calling the search window. On the search window or on the metro start screen just start writing your search query as you normally do on a browser. Bing will bring you a search result containing everything from the web, your local hard drives, apps and also from your One drive cloud storage account on that search query, thankfully, all in one place. Added to this, results will be grouped by category and by where they’re from. Smart. Right?

I own a laptop that runs on Windows 8.1 and I have tried searching ‘Google office’. The search suggestions are from web and it also shows that there are no files on my local hard drive on this keyword. You are getting web results on the metro start screen without even opening a browser. This saves you a sizeable amount of searching time and some needless clicks.

Windows 8- Everything is Visual

If anything is unknown to us, we Google it. Right? Lets, Bing it. Forget those text only search results. Bing offers us its search results on a pallet of colours. There is an old saying, a picture says a thousand words. Bing takes it to a whole new different level.


I just typed ‘Mumbai’ on my metro screen and hit ‘Enter’. The above screenshot just surfaced with every current details. Maps, weather report, historical and administrative important places, government tourism site, yellow pages and the list never ends.

It starts with a beautiful image and when you scroll sidewise it unravels the rest of the information you need. Don’t just read it, see it. We always like colourful images over some dead black letters on a white screen. I also have Googled the same about ‘Delhi’ and it appears like the screenshot below.


You can measure the differences. Right? Forget about the information as it is same on the both search but Bing portrays the same story in a better and colourful way. Moreover, you can share the search result right from the same place.

Just press your mouse pointer to the right side of the metro screen. There you will get the share option from the charms bar. The screenshot under can help you understand things in a better way. Simply, select any search result and share it without leaving the app you’re in.


 Bing Apps

Bing apps are awesome in functionality and visually brilliant in its design. These apps precisely deals with those aspects of our lives which are important to our everyday’s lifestyle and which we continuously search for. Apps like, Food, Health and fitness, Travel, Maps, News, Finance will present you a total glimpse of current times.

Now, if you are a minimalist and own an internet connection not that speedy, Bing’s visual rich search will make things a bit sluggish for you. Colours are awesome at the same time a bit expensive on your metered internet connection. If all these afore said things looks like an overhead to you, just shut it down to get rid of this rich eye candies. You can always turn off web search to see results only from your PC and OneDrive. How to? Simple.


Slide out the right charms bar by pressing your mouse pointer to the top-right or bottom-right corner of your screen. Select ‘Settings(the gear icon)’ and on the settings bar hover down to ‘Change PC settings’ option. Hit it to open the ‘PC settings’ page and there find and hit ‘Search and apps’. Finally on the ‘Search and apps’ settings page turn off the web results from Bing option as shown on the screenshot above.

You are done. Added to this, from there you can also clear your search history and can change the ‘Safe Search’ options that filter adult content from your search results. Bing has typically made every ways to make it yours. You can give it a try.

Share your precious experience with us and always feel free to leave you valuable comments on this article.

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