ChrisPC Screen Recorder lets You Record Screen on Windows

There is a lot of free screen capture software available in the Internet market. But they are just worthless. But there is one best software named ChrisPC Screen Recorder the perfect toolbox which helps you to record audio with MP4 videos and create a high quality of screenshot to PNG and JPEG files easily on your computer. For a freelance writer, this kind of screen capture tools is very part of work. It is a tool that allows concentrating strictly on the whole content. The program’s core capabilities are fabulous. It’s spotting the interface of an approachable for a computer geek. If you use snipping tools for your work, then we will recommend you to use this ChrisPC tool.

ChrisPC Screen Recorder lets You Record Screen on Windows

At first, download the .exe file and install on your computer. Then open it. You can see there is 3 option in it.

ChrisPC Screen Recorder lets You Record Screen on Windows

  • Record

In this option, you can record anything on your computer screen. Suppose, you want to make some tutorials on paint, and you want to make a video then it is the option where you can create a Full screen (Shift+Ctrl+F) or selected area or window attached video on its interface.

It makes a good quality video of 30 FPS(Default). Also, it can view size of the video and record time.

After creating a video, you allow editing also cut them according to your choice.

  • Screenshot

It is one of the best options. It helps you to make a good quality screenshot for selected Area on Window on your computer screen. You can also customize your screenshot format in between PNG or JPEG.

  • Setting

This option has individual 4 option. First video editor, second, advanced settings, third upgrade to pro version and forth about the software.

Now here we discuss the Advanced settings.

It has individual 6 option which makes it very simple.

With Recording option, you can control several thongs like show countdown before starting screen recording. You can you vary video encoding speed from ultrafast to very slow. You can edit the video quality and change the FPS. You allowed change recording path and audio codes.

From Effect option, you can change the Mouse cursor movement record during the video recording or take the screenshot. Also, you can highlight the Mouse cursor with highlighted color and transparency. Also, you can change mouse click sound effect.

In Screenshot option, you can adjust to show mouse in the screenshot. Also, you can change the screenshot file format as JPG- PNG- BMP.

The Watermark features are available only for screen recorder pro version of the application.

In Hotkeys option, you can get a lot of shortcut keys if you want to control the software from your keyboard. You can also edit the shortcut key according to your choice.

The Program option allows you to change some fundamental function like interface language and screen color. You can also enable long screen record on Windows setup and video editor option after screen recording.

The big problem is in the free version of screen recorder you can record your computer desktop activity with audio to MP4 files just only for 10 minutes. Some important option like add custom text, watermark to video and images are not available on the free version of this application. Moreover, ChrisPC Screen Recorder application is simply awesome. If you want to purchase the pro version of this application, then you have to pay $82.58 for one time.

Download ChrisPC Screen Recorder Application from official website.

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