Popular Desktop Tools to find Broken Links of Any Type of Website

If you are a founder or maintenance personnel of any website for a sizable amount of time , then you surely faced with this broken link menace. Admittedly, we all do. We always change or migrate to another hosting service for a thousand of reasons. The story is also the same for those, whom we used to link from our website. In every cases, number of broken links keep mounting up.

I, regularly track and try to fix every single broken links my website carries. In this respect, I found these desktop tools to find broken links extremely helpful. We already have published articles about how to  ‘Find Broken Links and Missing Images On Your WordPress Site‘.





LinkChecker is one of the popular desktop tools to find broken links of a web document or an entire website. This desktop tool, proudly developed by Bastian Kleineidam, runs parallelly well on Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s a website validator which probes into any website’s crawling action using a smart multithreaded and recursive scanning technique.

It skillfully analyses, tracks and drags out the list of broken links in various colorful formats namely. HTML, SQL, CSV, XML and also in regular text formats. Moreover, it supports a wide range of internet protocols like, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and all the other popular known analogous. One of the powerful feature of this application is that it enables you to use it through more than one interfaces. With the GUI and web interfaces, you can also make it toiling for you through the command line. Lastly, with the HTML5 support it owns all the must have’s to top the list.

For a vivid description you can always go through its documentation.

A1 Website Analyzer



A1 Website Analyzer is decidedly a true and complete website analyzer, appallingly, only for Windows users. This natty desktop tool is developed by Microsys, one of the forerunners in the custom software development industry, which offers a handful of webmaster tools to its users. This is one of the most handy desktop tools to find broken links for your website.

In the grand scheme of things, this tool not only finds the broken links, your website is carrying but also informs you whether the Google Analytics tracking code is properly working on every single article page or not. Moreover, it also attracts your attention where it is badly needed on many sectors of your precious website like, page rank sculpting, titles and meta data checking, key ward content analysis and much more. Added to this, it also checks and bring out a complete analysis reports on your website’s URLs, whether they are canonical, non-index, non-follow, or robot excluded.

Get started analyzing your website for broken links by downloading and installing the small sized tool. You can try it for a 30 days evaluation period without investing a dime or its full functional paid version really worth 69$.



Integrity is an elementary desktop tool for Mac users which can scan for a website’s broken links apace. It boasts all the needful features being a link checker and analyzer. It’s latest version(5) requires Mac OSX 10.6 or later and in the same way OSX 10.5 users can download the version 4.5.3. It’s available on the Mac store or users can also download it from its developer’s website.

This donationware does its job in a professional way. Including external and internal links it also checks image links for your site. It scans and portrays your website’s loose ends in a bunch of colorful rows. A double click on any of these will bring you further details of the problem. Apart from its regular workarounds, it also deals with your website’s other important factors like, Page loading time, SEO and HTML validation,

Additionally, it can manage multiple websites simultaneously. You also can generate and upload a XML sitemap with it. Full analysis reports can easily be exported as an HTML or as a pdf file. Its smartness doesn’t ends here. There are more to-do’s of any website that it deals with. Finally, all these much needed features have already branded it on the top among the other desktop tools to find broken links for Mac users.

Being a webmaster, I found these tools are professionally sound in their performance during my website’s optimization and other SEO auditing workarounds. If you are one of the less caffeinated webmasters like me, then these desktop tools to find broken links are surely going to help you.

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