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Torrents are always our favorite options when it comes to download some big files. There are two ways to do the same. Firstly, you can download torrents directly with some available web apps. Secondly, you can follow the more general old school way to download it with any supporting torrent clients.

Now, if you are going with the second one then you will have to consider some of these key factors like, number of seeders, how old the torrent file is, and obviously, the bandwidth of your internet connection. Sometimes it takes hours and in worst case days to complete the download finally. Throughout the process we need to keep our computers on which acts really hard on our electricity bills.It’s is really annoying.

Thankfully, there are ways to solve this muddle. ByteBX will let you download torrents directly to their cloud storage. You will be able to download the same file with a constant download speed on your desktop from the server later. With a 2.5 GB cloud storage and a 5 days validity for free accounts, it’s really an utilitarian for us all. smart. Right? Just switch off your computer and sit back. Let ByteBX do all the hard work for you.

First of all, you need to register. Once you have registered, you will get a mail from ByteBX with an activation link. Click that link and you will be redirected to your ByteBX account. Where you can start to download torrent directly on its server. The left-hand panel of your account have five options. Storage, Profile, Premium, Refer a friend, and support.


Under storage page, you have three options there. Upload file from your hard drive, upload URL or select file from a URL and upload torrent, where you can upload a torrent file directly or enter the magnet link to the file. After the selection it will take some time to cache the torrent file. Simply, wait for the completion of the caching process and you will get option to download.




In profile tab, under account header a box will show how much of your storage space you have used already. Moreover, you can set an email notification about the finish of uploading. Also, you can get news and special offer by emails. At the bottom of the profile page the option to change the existing password is also given.




I know. You want to test the service and you want to go with a free account. Well, it will give you a 2.5GB of storage space with maximum download/upload speed 100kbps. Also, you will get a 5 days span in your hand to download the file to your system until it gets deleted from ByteBX server.

There are two premium version available. Premium 100 with 100GB of storage space and premium 300 with 300GB of storage space. Not only the larger storage space, also you will get unlimited download/upload speed, unlimited simultaneous download of files and unlimited torrent storage period. Lastly, the package cost will not be hard on your wallet in respect of the service you will get.

Refer a friend:

You will get a referral link under this tab,You can share the link with your friends and eventually you may earn a premium account coupon for free, depending upon your number of followers.


If you are facing any problem related to ByteBX, you can reach them easily and share your difficulties. Under the support tab you can write your problem with your mail id and hit send.I am sure they will contact with you as soon as possible via email.



There are other services available in the market alike ByteBX. They also provide the same type of facilities but ByteBX have some qualities to top the list in this particular niche. It allows you to download larger file (up to 2.5GB) for free. Besides, it has a simple and clean interface with clearly stated comments and a cross-platform availability which really helps its users to stay synced always. It’s really worth a try.

Feel free to share your ideas on this topic with us.

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