Editing Microsoft Office Files on Dropbox through MS Office Mobile App

For all the utility that Dropbox provided with regards to storage and access to files on the go, it was found wanting in terms of editing documents (especially Microsoft Office files) from mobile devices. With the recent agreement between Microsoft and Dropbox, there has been a big breakthrough! You can now easily edit Microsoft Office files from Dropbox app in your smartphone i.e. Word documents, Excel Worksheets, Powerpoint presentations, etc. can be modified in “Edit” mode using your smartphone.

MS Office Dropbox integration

In fact, it is also possible for you to directly access Dropbox files using Microsoft Office mobile app instead of relying only on OneDrive (Microsoft’s cloud storage service). You can view the MS Office documents in Dropbox app and use the edit button to modify them through the associated MS Office mobile app. Prior to this, MS Office mobile app users were able to edit files only through paid subscription of Office 365. But, now it is possible to perform document editing in mobile applications free of cost. Thus, the Microsoft-Dropbox partnership has worked wonders as far as these missing features were concerned in the Dropbox mobile version as well as Microsoft Office mobile version.

Dropbox on mobile

In this article, you will see how to edit Microsoft Office documents from Dropbox mobile app (Android or iOS) and sync the modified Office files to Dropbox folder.

Steps to Edit MS Office Documents via Dropbox app for Android or iOS

Initially, make sure you have the latest version of Dropbox on your smartphone. Also, ensure you have the following latest versions of Office apps for your phone:
For Android – Microsoft Office Mobile App
For iOS – Microsoft Word App, Microsoft Powerpoint App and Microsoft Excel App

MS Office App for Android

Even if you don’t have the MS Office app installed already, you can do that later during this mobile document editing process. Then, you can open up any Office file available in your mobile Dropbox. You will get the “Edit” button option to modify the file. Press this Edit icon and you will be asked to give permission to the corresponding native MS Office app to access and modify files in your Dropbox app i.e. authorize MS Office app access to your Dropbox folder.

MS Office documents editing

In case you have not already installed the Office apps, you will be prompted to install them and then you will asked for authorization access. Once you choose to allow the access, you will be able to view the document in the relevant Office app and also be able to edit it.

MS Office Document in Mobile

After you are done with all required modifications, you can simply press the Back option to save the changes and come back from the Office app to your Dropbox folder. The modified file will be automatically synced with your mobile Dropbox. This is a simple process which can be implemented with ease by anyone.

Hope you are now able to make the most of this newly enabled-feature due to the agreement between Dropbox and Microsoft. Both parties have shown intent in capturing more users all over the world. Please feel free to share your opinion about this!

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