Everything You Need to Know About Li-Fi

A brand new technology has been tested in several offices to provide internet connection with an extra layer of security. This is called Li-Fi. Although, scientists of next generation internet connection provider are confirmed that it can replace regular Wi-Fi router, but it will not do what they have said. However, a collaboration is certainly better than only one component. The developers of this gadget have claimed that they have got more than 224GBps speed. That means, you can download a full HD movie or video within couple of seconds. When other wired internet adaptors are creating issues, this wireless provider is producing such an awesome speed.

What is Li-Fi?

In simple words, Li-Fi is a light bulb, which will provide internet connection through light. That means, you can use this light bulb for two purposes – light and internet connection. This is a smart home appliance, which will let you use internet in your mobile, computer, tablet or anywhere just like other regular internet connection.

Li-Fi is being developed since 2011 and this is the first time, when it has been tested outside of the garage. The developers have tested Li-Fi in some offices and the feedback is pretty good.

Smart bulbs

Technology behind Li-Fi

Li-Fi uses OWC aka Optical Wireless Communications and Visible Light Communications (VLC) to produce whole things. That means, it has two parts – OWC and VLC. OWC uses the LEDs to spread the data connection around the bulb. That means, if you are near to the bulb and using the internet connection, you are under the OWC radar. On the other hand, VLC turns ON and OFF the light in each nanosecond to provide the internet connection. You cannot find the light blinking as human eye cannot catch the things happen in nanoseconds.

As this is a light, which provides the internet connection, you cannot use it from the another side of any wall. The reason is clear – light cannot go through walls.

Security concern

According to the developers, Li-Fi is more secure than regular Wi-Fi router and they are correct. Generally, attackers attack into your network through Wi-Fi router and the security is always not so good even when you have a strong firewall. The range of Wi-Fi router always play a vital role behind some security breach.

However, as Li-Fi uses light, the range of provided internet connection will be limited and nobody can increase the range at any cost. The bulb will not be dimmed or lightened manually. That is fixed. This will certainly, help you to prevent your neighbors from using your internet connection.

Drawback of Li-Fi

You have just seen why this is more secure than a regular Wi-Fi router. But, if you check that from the other side, you can find a drawback. As you can use the internet connection where your light is coming from the bulb, you must have to be there. If you want to move away from the bulb, you will lose your internet connection. Generally, we use Wi-Fi router and extender to use same internet connection in Wireless speakers, TV, mobile and computer. But, you must have to consolidate all those things so that they get the light.

Final word

This is a great and unique approach to provide more secure and faster internet connection. When it was announced in MWC, there was a buzz. However, now the scientists are testing this bulb in various offices to get the feedback. Hope they will launch it very soon.

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