Firefox Hello : Start the Video Call from your Mozilla Browser

Firefox 34, the latest build introduced Firefox Hello allowing users to make video calls right from the Firefox Web Browser. You do not need any plug-in and third party softwares to start the video call. Person with whom you want to start the video conversation should have WebRTC supported web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and other web browsers and no need of having any software.

Firefox Hello

About Firefox Hello

Firefox Hello was developed by Firefox team with the integration of Telefonica, a Spanish Operator. Now, you can have the video call with friends and family using Firefox Hello and it is for free. No account is required and just sharing a link to start the video call is required. So, now there is no need of any installations to start the video call.

How to make Video Calls using Firefox Hello?

When you update your Mozilla Firefox web browser to the version 34, you can find the hello button (smiley symbol) in the tool bar. If you did not find it on the tool bar, click on the menu button on the top right corner and select “Customize”. Now, drag the hello button from the additional tools to the tool bar.

Click on that hello button and then click on the “Start a Conversation”.

Firefox Hello button

It opens a small window at the bottom and click on the “Email Link” or “Copy Link” as you wish.

copy link

Just send that link to the person with whom you want to start the video call. They can open it in WebRTC supported browser and you can start the video conversation. When the conversation is going on, hello button turns blue.

Interesting point hers is, you can use the same link to have the video call with the same person and no need to create the new link every time. So, you can bookmark this link. You can even name the conversation.

Click on the hello button and now you can see list of conversations you had till now. Hover your mouse to any of the conversation and you can copy the link or delete the conversation.

Firefox Hello - Delete

To end the call, click on the first icon as shown in the picture.

firefox hello - end video call

Start video calls using Firefox Hello with contacts

You can start the video calls with your contacts, if you sign in to your Mozilla account which you use it for Sync. You can even import contacts from your Google account. In this case, you can start the video conversation easily and no need of any link sharing.

video call with contacts


Mozilla Firefox has taken a good step and is said to be competition for video call softwares like Skype. It does not require any account creation, software installation and same link can be used every time to have the video call with the same person. Have you started using the Firefox Hello? Share your experience with us through comments.

Source: Mozilla Blog

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