Top Three Free Firewall Protection for Windows

Windows comes first when someone wants to get an easy-to-use operating system that can be handled by a little configuration. Microsoft’s Windows is very easy to use for everybody. But, is it really so easy?

Top Three Free Firewall Protection for Windows

If you do not use internet, the answer is very simple. YES, Windows OS s very easy to use and the maintenance cost is very low. But, the answer is quite different when you use internet on your Windows PC. It takes few essential settings to be protected and prevent attackers from spying on you and stealing your confidential stuffs. Firewall is such a great thing that helps users to have a safe experience with Windows. In a simple line, a standard Firewall is a consolidation of hardware and software protection for your PC that determines whether a connection is allowed or restricted.

Therefore, today I am going to introduce top three firewall protection for Windows so that you can be in safe side while using internet or connected to a network.

Windows Firewall

The Windows Firewall is the best firewall protection for Windows. You can get the Windows Firewall with all Windows versions including Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. You do not have to spend a single dollar on this firewall protection for Windows since it comes with your Windows. The best part is it leaks very less information while scanning through network scanning software like NMap and similar others to it.


You can set tons of rules for a particular network connection. This feature is unique and much helpful for anybody. Windows Firewall comes with tons of features. That is why most of the people do not want to use this tool. To get a highly secured Windows PC, you must have to spend some time with Windows Firewall. In simple line, this is bit time-consuming to setup.

Comodo Firewall

This is another awesome third party firewall protection for Windows PC. Comodo Firewall is available at free of cost with some restrictions. To remove all the restriction, you will have to purchase it.

Comodo Firewall is easier to use than Windows Firewall. All the features are well organized. Hence, you do not have to spend much time to do anything with this firewall protection for Windows. On the other hand, it does most of the things automatically. That is why users do not need much time for this. Alike any other third party firewall software for Windows, you can allow or block any connection at anytime. The best part is it has cloud based network analyzer. It will help you to analyze your entire network and show you the loophole or weak points so that you can make that stronger.

Zone Alarm

This is probably the best free firewall protection for Windows. This is far better than Windows Firewall. It comes with less features but more protection. Every detects every type of connectivity and provide an advanced firewall protection. On the other hand, it has an inbuilt malware protection, real-time scanning, two-way firewall, online backup, proxy and more others.


The user interface is neat and clean and it doesn’t take much time to configure. Zone Alarm is available for Windows XP and all the later versions. Besides that, it requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later to run.

Final word

Considering all the features, settings and everything else what a firewall protection kit should have, this seems Zone Alarm is much better.

Which firewall protection is installed in your PC?

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