Sticky Password: Manage And Carry Your Passwords and Personal Information Effectively

With loads of web services and social networking accounts available on the internet, users have to maintain various kinds of passwords for all of these web accounts. Although life on the web world would become pretty simple and easy if we tend to employ one password for all of our accounts whether its an email or social networking but one drawback in this scenario is that once that password is revealed then everything will be at stake.

Memorizing and managing different passwords for various accounts is a definite strain on the brain especially if you tend to be active on the internet. So if you happen to be a Windows user searching for an ideal password manager then Sticky Password Free is the perfect utility for you.

Sticky Password Features and Setupmain-interface-Sticky-password

Sticky Password is available either as a free version or as a more advanced and feature rich Pro version. Although the free version is limited to only one account and 15 passwords but it’s quite good for normal internet users. Apart from form filings and automatic login, users of Sticky Password free can also create a portable version of the app alongwith the ability to keep secure memos.

How to Setup Sticky Password?

Once you are done with download and installation of the app you have to follow certain steps before the software can be used. Here is what you have to do:Creating-Master-Password

  • First of all you have to create a master password so that you can access the entire database of the passwords
  • As this password will be protecting all the others so make sure that this one is really strongKeyboard-for-entering-password-preventing-keyloggers
  • In-order to make things more secure, the Sticky Password utility provide its users with a virtual keyboard so that keyloggers cant access or record your keystrokes.
  • Next you will have to configure the “Locking timeout” and “ Access control”
  • After doing this you will have to install all the browser plug-ins and extensions, don’t worry about this installation because the software will prompt you for all this automaticallyBrowser-Extension-installing
  • Installing browser extensions and plugins will help you to record and fill-in the passwords and all the other user information

How To Use Sticky Password?

Once its completely configured the application will open by itself, it will ask you to fill-in your master password so that the data within the app can be unlocked. Just follow these steps and using Sticky Password will become easy for you:

  • When using Sticky Password for the first time it will offer you that whether you want to import your data from the other compatible applications and browsers. Import can also be done later on by using “import” link on the main interface
  • Entire data is available on the main window and you can easily do processes like edit, remove, add and search.
  • Now next step is filling some data, click on the Add button to start adding web accounts and memos.
  • The software offers you to create two type of accounts i.e. Web and application accounts

Creating the portable version of Sticky PasswordSticky-password-portable-version

If you tend to be a user who wants to keep their passwords with them all the time then you can also create a portable version of Sticky Password. Just click on the system tray icon of Sticky Password and click on Portable version. It will ask you to choose a drive where you want to keep your portable version, choose that drive and click Next. Sticky Password will automatically create a portable version on the drive that you have specified.

It’s a very useful utility specially for the internet savvy users who have their presence on multitude of web platforms.


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