Generate Leads with Twitter Cards for Your Business

What is It?

Of late, Twitter introduced a whole new concept of extended tweeting and later, Twitter cards for its users. Now, with extended tweeting, you can play videos, view images, get content previews, and news headlines of a website, right within a tweet, if it has a link to those websites. It’s not those dull 140 words anymore, but a vibrant card which holds and displays your content’s data in a professional attire and employing this updation you can expect to generate leads with twitter for your business.

Using Twitter cards, you can now strap videos and rich images with a tweet, which have the required talent to communicate with the rest of the world. It’s needless to say that a better communication will drive a greater size of traffic to your website. Your viewers always need a better presentation of your contents and this twitter card can deliver that to them.

The image below is a screenshot of a Twitter summery card example with large image and 140 characters. You can start making your product or photo blog look like this one in less than 15 minutes using Twitter cards for your website. It’s a perpetual truth that, an image worth a thousand words and Twitter card embraces this fact truly.



How I Set this Up for My Business/Blog

Simply, you are a few lines of codes away. Simply, for the card markup you will have to choose from the available card type and add those meta attributes to the ‘Head’ section of your page with the required values. Card type?

I know you are wondering. Yes. There are various types of pre-designed cards available for dedicated niches. Like, summary card for an overall view, photo card for displaying photos only, Gallery card for displaying a summary of a collection of photos, App card for showing the details of a mobile app with a direct download link and the most important, Product card for delivering an optimized product information. This is probably smarter that you anticipated. There is a card for everyone coming from every segment of web marketing industries.

Sorry. We got shifted from our main focus on setting up Twitter cards for your business or blog. For this workaround you will have to go through some simple steps. Orderly, go to the Documentation page for knowing the actual procedure. Then, manage and add those meta tags in your ‘Head’ section of your page. After that, run you URLs against the Validator tool for approval. After getting proper approval, simply tweet the URL and your card will be right there with your tweet. Moreover, Twitter Card analytics will tell you the actual statistics of the traffic engagements to your product through twitter cards.




Fresh lead generation has always been one of the prime concerns for all those professionals and amateurs who deal with online marketing for their products or services and blogs. According to some coveted marketers usually brand this artistry as ‘the art of science’. It’s really amazing and at the same time it’s really a tough nut to crack.¬†Thanks to twitter developers team who brainchilded this brilliant idea. These twitter cards have got all the potential to be the linchpin of your product’s success story.

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