Microsoft Stopped Selling Windows 7 – Here’s How to get it Legally

If someone is enlisting best Microsoft products, Windows 7 must be in his/her list since this is one of the best Windows versions out there. Still most of the PCs are running on Windows 7 in many developing countries like India. But, unfortunately, Microsoft has stopped selling Windows 7 from October 31 2014, as per the pre-announced plan.

Windows 7 Selling

However, if you have Windows 7 and want to continue using it, you can do so because Microsoft has not stopped providing support to the users. They have only stopped selling it. Anyway, if you would like to get a new copy of Windows 7 for your new PC, you might be in trouble because Microsoft has already made the change. According to their policy, they are no longer able to sell Windows 7, which includes Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate.

According to Microsoft, users should upgrade their PC to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 so that they can experience the best ever Windows OS. If you are fine with those aforementioned Windows versions, stop reading this. But, if you really need Windows 7’s copy, read on.

How to get Windows 7’s copy now?

There is couple of methods to get that for your computer.

Microsoft Dreamspark

This is a great solution but it is not available for everyone. You supposed to be either a student or teacher or anybody else of any university, which has Microsoft Dreamspark subscription. Those, who have this subscription, can get any Microsoft product at very low cost or even at free of cost. So, ask for a copy of Windows 7 to the corresponding department of your institution now.

Ecommerce Website

Some widely popular ecommerce websites like Amazon is selling Windows 7 OEM version for you. You can grab your Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate from there. You should check the seller information and review before purchasing because a fraud seller can deliver wrong copy.

These two methods are the most preferable. However, there are many other ways too.

Buy Pre-Installed Windows 7 PC

Even if, Microsoft has launched Windows 10 Technical Preview but still several laptops and desktop computers come with pre-installed Windows 7. So, if you are lucky enough, you can get a Windows 7 PC with comprehensive configuration.

Move Existing Windows 7 Installation

Move Existing Windows 7 Installation

If you have a new PC and you would like to use Windows 7 on it, you can simply move your existing Windows 7 installation from old PC to new one. You can either use manual method or ask a software for doing this. PC Mover is a good solution and you can get it for just $39.95.


This is always recommended to latest version of every platform to avoid various security flaws. However, sometime, an older version is better than latest version. Windows 7 is the same. Windows 7 is much better than any other Windows versions.   Hope, these above mentioned methods would help you a lot to get your Windows 7 copy even after October 31.

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