Group Direct Messages On Twitter Along With Video Sharing

Normally, Twitter allows us to Tweet maximum of 140 characters. When we come across any Tweet and if we want to respond to that, then we are restricted to 140 characters only. If we want to say more, we would divide it in to multiple tweets. Some step ahead and chooses private messaging. So, that you can talk to that particular person in private and there is no limit in number of characters. But, what if you want to share the same thing with others on Twitter? You cannot keep on private messaging everyone, right? So, now you can use Group Direct Messages on Twitter as a new feature. Twitter also introduces video editing and sharing. Let us have a look at them.

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Group Direct Messages on Twitter Privately

Now, you can form a group and start the conversation. Previously, private messaging was restricted to only one person, but now you can add up to 4 members and messages privately. It is similar to private messaging, but now it is direct messages to the group. There is no need that, every member in the group should be following other member. You can add and start the conversation without being followed or following others. You can even share your Tweets in the group conversation. Group Direct Messages on Twitter is really a great step, which gathers group of people to start the private discussion and allowing them to share their views.

Group Direct Messages in Twitter

  In order to use Group Direct Messages on Twitter, visit TweetDeck and move towards Messages section. Click on Compose Message and start adding members to the group. That’s it! Now, you can have Group Direct Messages in Twitter.

Now, you can communicate in groups privately in Twitter. Along with this, Twitter also introduced native video sharing and editing.

You can look at the following video to understand it completely,

Video Capturing, Sharing and Editing in Twitter

Tweets are of 140 characters in length and when we want share more than that with our followers, we can use audio files, vines, photos and many more like this. Some famous people and brands even use videos in their Tweets. So, Twitter has considered this point and took as high priority. Now, you can capture, edit and share a video directly from the Twitter App. Twitter Application allows you to capture and edit it as you want. Once you are done, share it with your followers.

Twitter designed the camera to be simple for it’s users. Now, you can capture your life’s important moment, famous events and funny scenes right without leaving the App. You can do these things right from your Twitter App itself. Just few taps and your video is ready. You can preview the video in thumbnail and is easy to play them.

Video capturing and sharing in Twitter

 Video captured should be of 30 seconds and not more than that. Twitter also provides the facility to edit the videos then and there itself, before sharing them. iPhone users can also add these videos to the camera roll. This video capturing and sharing is rolled out to some and not to everyone. As mentioned by Twitter, it will be available to everyone in a week’s time. As, of now you can use Group Direct Messages on Twitter and it is rolling out from today. You can see videos posted by others till then.

What do you say about these two features of Twitter? If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments.

Source: Twitter Blog

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