How to Fix Screen Blinking in Windows 10

Windows 10 is certainly an outstanding operating system with huge improvements. The latest major update of Windows 10 ha brought even more features and enhancements. Although, Microsoft is gathering more information than ever before though Windows 10, yet, millions of people have installed Windows 10 every now and then. However, some users have claimed that Windows 10 has some awkward issues. Previously, we have published solutions to fix blurry font and broken Firefox icons.

Now, some people have stated that their screen is blinking continuously after installing or upgrading to Windows 10. Not only one or two users, but also more than hundreds people have claimed the same issue. If you are getting the same issue in Windows 10, here are some possible solutions.

Disable & Enable Display Driver

Sometime, you can get problems for display driver. This is a common issue and many people have solved the same problem using this method. To disable and re-enable the display driver, you have to follow this guide. At first, press Win + X and go to Device Manager. Here you can find Monitors or anything other related to this. Just expand the parent category, open right click on sub-category and hit the Disable button.

Display Driver in Windows 10

After that, re-enable it.

Reinstall Video Driver

If you have already install video or display driver in your Windows 10 machine, do uninstall it and re-install it using your motherboard CD. Sometime, installed driver can get corrupted due to any reason. If you have the same issue, you will have that blinking problem. Therefore, uninstall it using a good software or from Control Panel, then try to reinstall it.

Update Display Driver

If you are using older version of your display driver, you can face this problem. Although, desktop users should not face this problem, but most of the laptop users with Windows 10 can encounter this problem. Generally, laptop users need to install the latest version. If you have the latest version of your display driver, you should not get this problem. But, if you haven’t, you need to update it manually. Head over to the official website of your laptop manufacturer, download the latest version of display driver and install it.

Unplug Graphics Card

If you are using desktop computer and you have graphics card, you can unplug it to check whether the problem is caused by your graphics card or not. This is very simple Do it if you know what you are doing. Or, ask someone else, who knows everything about computer hardware. Sometime, high definition monitors cannot cope up with old graphics card. This should solve your problem.

Unwanted Application

According to Microsoft, some application like Norton Antivirus, iCloud and IDT Audio etc. are creating problems right now and Microsoft has not sent any patch for this. Therefore, if you have those apps, there is a high chance to get such problem. If you have anyone of these apps, just uninstall it. There is no other alternate solution.

Final Word

Hope this awkward problem will be solved using these solutions. No one cannot say whether the problem is caused by any particular thing. You just need to go through these steps to solve your problem.

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