Internet Explorer 9 Tips, Tricks And Hacks

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 a few days ago and the impact has been really great. I saw lots of users praising the new look and usability of IE9 – it’s faster, more secured and way better than earlier versions of Internet explorer.

Internet Explorer Tips Tricks and Hacks

To make the most out of Internet Explorer 9, we have published some useful tutorials and guides, have a look:

Test Drive IE9 with the Platform Preview: Not ready to install the latest version of Internet Explorer? Want to have a test drive of the different features and options. Go ahead with the IE9 platform preview and play around with some of the features.

Show/Hide Menu Bar, Status and Favorites Bar in Internet Explorer 9 : By default, the menu bar is hidden and so is the command bar and other toolbars. If you want to show the menu or favorites bar in IE9, this tutorial will be useful.

Start Internet Explorer 9 Without Add-ons in Safe Mode: If your computer is running on low memory and if you want to improve the speed of Internet Explorer, consider disabling the add-ons for a slight performance boost.

Restore or Reset Internet Explorer to Default Settings: Have you messed up some settings in Internet Explorer? Do you want to revert back to all the factory settings? This guide explains how to do it.

Internet Explorer 9 Keyboard Shortcuts: Mastering the keyboard shortcuts of any application can be very useful in the longer run. You can save time and do a lot of important tasks without having to find the options. There is a learning curve, but it’s actually worth it.

Open a Specific IE9 Tab Directly From Windows7 Thumbnail Preview: Lately I discovered that Internet Explorer lets you open specific tabs or websites directly from Windows7 thumbnail preview. This saves you a couple of seconds, you don’t have to it Control + Tab over and over again to find the particular tab you want to switch to.

Internet Explorer 9: Reopen Accidentally Closed Websites or Tabs: Closed a lot of tabs on IE? Want to get them back? Here is an easy way to do that by restoring the browsing session in Internet Explorer.

Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 And Use Older Version Of Internet Explorer: Don’t like the newer version of Internet Explorer and want to revert back to the older version say IE7 or IE 8? This guide explains how you can completely install Internet Explorer 9 from Windows control panel and restore the earlier versions without reinstalling anything.

Enable or Disable Hardware Acceleration In Internet Explorer 9: IE9 allows you to disable hardware acceleration and use software rendering.

Disable Add-ons in Internet Explorer 9 to Improve Performance: This trick shows how you can disable add-ons in Internet Explorer to maximize speed and performance issues.

Internet Explorer 9 Tip: Move the Stop/ Refresh Button to The Left of Address Bar: Another important tweak, if you hate the refresh or stop button on the right just move it to the left of the address bar.

IE Tweaker – Tweak Your Internet Explorer The Easy Way – This is a freeware utility which lets you tweak specific IE settings the easy way. You don’t have to find the settings on your own from Control Panel – just select the tweak button and IE tweaker does the rest.

Backup IE settings , bookmarks and favorites: Want to perform a routine system backup before formatting your computer? Have lots of bookmarks , username and passwords saved in internet Explorer. Here is a detailed guide on how you can backup IE settings, bookmarks and passwords.

Tweaks for Internet Explorer Favorites: Here are some of the best tweaks for Internet Explorer favorites. This includes changing the default location of IE favorites, creating a search Internet Explorer shortcut on start menu, pin and unpin favorites from the main window and more.

Test Your website in IE6 or IE7: Have a website or blog? Want to test how your website looks in older versions of Internet Explorer without having to install them from scratch. Use this freeware tool to test the design and layout of your website inolder versions of Internet Explorer.

Got tip? Let’s hear about them in the comments.

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