List of Top 10 Free Android Apps to Earn Money Online

There are so many innovative Android mobile apps being developed these days that the users no longer feel the pinch to shed few bucks for quality paid apps. But, what if we tell you that you can get paid for using Android apps? Yes, you heard it right! It is possible to make money online through apps by getting involved in tasks like downloading games, installing apps, taking photos, doing exercise, etc.

Free Android Apps to Earn Money Online

In this article, let’s check out the best Android applications that help to earn cash and rewards online i.e. top money-making Android apps.

1. Whaff Rewards (Free)

This is a hot favorite rewards app among Android users who wish to earn a decent income online every month. There may be many apps that pay users for browsing apps or installing them, but none of them pay as much as Whaff does. The reviews of Whaff Rewards app users clearly mention the significant amount that can be earned through simple tasks. One can navigate through sponsored apps and get paid upon completing relevant app offers. The best thing about this app is its ‘Premium Picks’ method that enables users to earn constantly through one offer. It could be anything from downloading a new app or using the app regularly or maintaining the app daily on your Android device.

You can earn some cents even for installing the Whaff Rewards app using an invite code on your Android mobile. To start doing the other rewards-based tasks, you simply need to login to Whaff account using your Facebook logon credentials. Once your reward earnings reach the threshold limit of $10, you can redeem real cash through Paypal payout or get gift cards from Amazon, Facebook, Xbox, Playstation, Steam, Google Play, etc. One can download Whaff Rewards app here.

2. ESPN Streak for the Cash (Free)

A sports lover doesn’t need any extra incentive to try out a sports-based application. But, this app provides a big motivation for all avid sports followers to predict winners across different sports matches (for Football, Basketball, Baseball, etc.) happening all over the world. The one who enjoys the longest streak of correct predictions stands a golden chance to win big monthly jackpot cash prize. This app gives away around $1.2 million cash prizes annually. However, you need to be really lucky to get more predictions right continuously as compared to other participants. One can also track daily prediction performance through personal stats and compare them against the longest streak visible on the app leader board.

ESPN Streak for the Cash

If you are a true sports fan, this app is definitely worth a try just for the sporting spirit. The rewards are just the icing on the cake. You can download ‘ESPN Streak For The Cash’ app for free here.

3. App Trailers (Free)

This app is rightly put up under the entertainment category at Google Playstore. How else would you describe an app that requires you to watch videos and earn rewards or cash for the same! App Trailers Android app lets you check video previews (trailers) of new apps that you may not have heard about. You can watch the video streaming trailers of apps on Google Play, be updated about the upcoming app features and even get points for doing this. You would be credited with higher points for trying out the demo version of an app. Finally, the app users can redeem those points earned to get Paypal cash or rewards in the form of shopping gift card vouchers from Amazon and others.

One can even earn from this app by joining it through a referral link instead of direct installation from here.

4. Scoopshot (Free)

If you love taking photos or videos and have spent extra bucks to get a good camera smartphone, then, this app might just be for you? The Scootshot photography app for Android devices can allow users to earn through their uploaded photos or videos. All one has to do is take photos/videos of things happening around, any new event in town, etc. and upload them on Scoopshot store with a price attached to it for sale. The app also gives an opportunity to participate in daily photo contests arranged by brands or publishers (there may be photo topics shared like #selfiesundays, #shopaholic, #Thanksgiving, etc.).

Scoopshot Android App

The winners of daily contests get their photos appear right when anyone opens the Scoopshot app, thereby giving them due recognition among the global mobile photographer community. You can also vote for the best photos on a daily basis as well as try to earn votes for your uploaded photos. It is amazing how you can earn some money as well as a reputation for something that you love to do; be it taking selfies or shooting videos. You can get all this and more by downloading this app at this Scoopshot app installation link.

5. Viggle (Free)

Who would have thought that getting involved in recreational activities like watching TV shows or listening music can be rewarding too? If you are wondering how this is possible, just try out Viggle Android app. You simply need to check the featured TV shows or songs and earn Viggle points for doing the same. With the Viggle Live feature, it is possible to earn additional points for playing real-time trivia or quiz when a show is actually Live. You can then redeem these points from the official website and get your favorite music, movies, ebooks, audiobooks, gift cards, etc. as rewards.

Viggle Android App

To give yourself a chance to earn some exciting rewards, do watch your next TV show or music show by downloading the Viggle Android App here.

6. Toluna (Free)

One of the best ways to earn money online through websites is by taking surveys or opinion polls. Now, the same thing can also be done through mobile apps to earn useful rewards. With Toluna Android app, you can participate in opinion polls initiated by top brands for their products or services. In return, you earn points that can be redeemed in cash, gift vouchers or exciting products.

Toluna Survey App

Additionally, you get exposure to a wide global Toluna community of more than 4 million members whose opinions can be obtained for the best budget smartphones, unexplored vacation spots, top running shoes, etc. Thus, you not only earn rewards but also can get useful suggestions for shopping or holiday options. To avail of these features, you can simply download this app for free from the Google Playstore link.

7. Pact (Free)

Mobile app developers from Pact team have found a solution to get all the lazy bones stick to a regular exercise routine. They have developed Pact Android application which is a health & fitness app with a difference. It pays you when you stick to your goals of the regular exercise. But, it also levies a penalty on you when you skip doing the exercise. Thus, you need to set your fitness activity and health goals for every week, track your workouts daily along with your weight loss targets and earn cash for being an active majority of the time. Of course, you can determine how much cash is on the line. The app simply transfers the money from registered users who fail to meet their exercise goals to users who meet them successfully.

You can also get connected with other fitness apps like RunKeeper, Fitbit, MapMyRun, etc. The noble objective of this app is to motivate people to stay healthy and the cash rewards are just icing on the cake. ‘Health is Wealth’ and with this app you stand a chance to gain both. To try it out and earn cash for exercising, one can install the Pact app from Google Playstore for free at this link.

8. MintCoins (Free)

This is yet another app that empowers Android users to make money from their smartphones or tablets. All you have to do is register for free and login to MintCoins account with your email id. Start completing different offers and invite friends to turn this into a money minting app for you. The offers or tasks to be completed would be playing free games, watching video advertisements, registering on free and paid websites (pay for paid website registration is of course very high), completing surveys, downloading free and paid apps (pay for paid app download is obviously much higher), etc.

If you think that referring friends to MintCoins Android app won’t fetch you good money, then you may have to re-think as the app pays you $0.25 for every friend who joins and pays $0.10 to the friend as well. Can earning cash get any easier than this? You can get hold of this app from the Android store.

9. Ibotta (Free)

It is a great alternative for discount coupons, voucher codes, gift cards, etc. You can earn good cashback for shopping your favorite products in-store or online. The app has exclusive rebates for your favorite grocery stores or retailers like Cosco, Target, Walmart, Express, Best Buy, Aero, etc. These rebates can be unlocked and used by you while shopping from the store or online from the comfort of your home. You earn real cash while shopping and thereby limit your expenses as every penny saved is a penny earned. You can get the payout through Venmo or Paypal. Alternatively, you can redeem them as gift cards from iTunes,, Best Buy, Starbucks, etc.

To make your shopping spree lucrative next time round, you can download Ibotta free cashback app here.

10. Google Opinion Rewards (Free)

Google Consumer Surveys has created this app which is completed based on surveys. You can install this Google Opinion Rewards app from Google Playstore at this link. To get started, you simply have to answer few questions and complete your personal profile. Then, the app will keep sending you new surveys every week depending on your areas of interest. For every survey completed by you, the earnings could be in the range of few cents to 1-2 dollars. The most exciting part about this app is its reliability (coming from a globally reputed company like Google that owns the Android OS).

For completing the surveys that seek consumer insights and share with relevant companies, you earn Google Play credits which can be easily redeemed on Android Playstore against movies, books, apps, music, etc. Thus, this app can take care of your monthly Google Playstore expenses.

In addition, there are some more similar apps that assist you to generate some income online. Apps like Tapporo and Tap Cash Rewards are very much similar to Whaff app discussed above. Similarly, NPolls app is based on surveys, much like Google Opinion Rewards app.

There are tonnes of Android apps on Google Playstore that claim to pay you with money or reward points, but, not all of them are genuine. It is important to check the reviews of any such apps before getting involved. The apps listed above are all genuine and can help you make some quick money online as well as on the go. Have I missed any popular Android app that pays real cash online? Please feel free to add your valuable suggestions below.

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