Blogging platforms that lets you blog from your Phone

Most of the times we bloggers find it difficult to blog due to insufficiency of resources like computer or an internet connection. But our readers are always hungry for posts and if we fail they may lose trust & in turn we may lose them too. Its like a nightmare to a blogger to lose even a single visitor. We can always avoid this situation if we could possibly post to our blogs via a portable medium.

And when comes a portable medium, what better can we think of than a mobile phone. Let me list here some of the blogging engines that lets you post a blog entry right from your mobile device.


Here comes our most favorite WordPress and thanks it provides such a facility(and damn its the best of all). There is a plugin named iPhone / Mobile Admin which makes the /wp-admin mobile friendly and allows you to do stuffs like edit & create posts, moderate comments and many more. It has got tag support & auto-save feature too. It really seems that the whole admin section is on the screen giving you the control of almost all the features of your dashboard. It was primarily targeted for the iPhone but works literally on all popular mobile browsers.


Blog posting in LiveJournal depends on your account level. If have that authority you can post text entries as well as voice posts to your blog from your mobile phone. Email posting uses normal email messages to post to your journal or a community. Embed the PIN(provided to you) anywhere in the content prefixing it with +.The sender email address should be there in your “Allowed sender addresses” list.The embedded PIN will be removed automatically prior to publishing the post.
mobilepost to livejournal

Microsoft Live Spaces

Those who have their blogs in the Microsoft Live Spaces can post to their blogs by sending an email. You can save those entries as drafts or can directly publish it. Phone in your blog entries and photos.

Movable Type

Those who have their communities in this platform(Movable Type 4) use this plugin to get an easy access to your blog, comments from iPhone & iPod Touch.


Its a cool feature offered by TypePad to make it convenient for bloggers to post while away from there PC. It’s quick, easy and free – so you can start enjoying the freedom of mobile blogging today. It supports iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Palm, Nokia (Symbian Series 60), Windows Mobile 5 and 6 etc.
mobile post to typepad


This is perhaps the best platform(after wordpress) that lets you use your mobile device to post a blog entry. You can even create a blog in the blogger domain right from your phone by mailing an entry to go@blogger and simply claim it once you are beside your computer. Claiming is easy. Once you post it via an email, they will send you a token which you simply put in their page & the post is yours.

Though most neat technique which will ensure that there is always something new for your readers, is post scheduling. This is not only fail-safe, this also ensures better posting quality. But if something interesting strikes your head, while you are on the go, wherever you maybe, posting a blog entry won’t be a distant opportunity. Share your experiences or more such tools via comments.

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