Transfer Open Browser Tabs From One Browser To Another On Any Device

Moving open tabs from one browser to another is not so easy, and the situation gets more complex when you are considering multiple devices. Bookmarking is one easy way out, services like Google Bookmarks and X marks lets you quickly bookmark open tabs into a new folder which can then be opened from any browser on any device. We all have faced this problem of transferring browser tabs or shuffling them between different computers, while having a sea of browser tabs opened in our current browser.

To continue an unfinished browsing session, you have probably used tab-syncing tools like Tab Cloud extensionXmarks Bookmarks syncSync Tabs in Google Chrome or Firefox. But there is a major drawback of all these tab sync tools – they only permit you to move open tabs and bookmarks from Google chrome to Google chrome or from Firefox to Firefox. What if you want to move your opened tabs from Google chrome to Firefox or from Google chrome to Safari or Internet Explorer and vice-versa? Using session manager extensions makes sense but like I said, they won’t work as far as transferring tabs to different browsers are concerned.

Copy-paste? Email  tab links to your own email address and clicking through a pile of links? Past tense. Enter, Surf on – a brilliant tab sync tool which offers you cross browser tab sync compatibility, first of its kind and of course its a Freeware. .

Surfon is a simple browser extension which enables you to save all your browser tabs and lets you open them on another computer or device. You can even transfer them between different browsers on the same device or transfer browser tabs to another browser on another device. Just one button to save the pages you want to view later and one button to load the pages when you’re ready for them. It’s even faster than copy and pasting across two different browsers.


How to add it to your current browser ?

  • Go to and install the extension for your current browser, currently available for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari for easy transfer of saved tabs, but it’s also possible to use Surfon to move browser tabs from Google Chrome to Internet Explorer, Opera or to any other browser that is installed on your computer.
  • Sign up for a free Surfon  account . You will need it for backing up and syncing the tabs.
  • Now you will see a tiny Surf on button on the top-left corner of your browser.Click it and a drop down menu bar will pop-up with three options – save page(saves a particular webpage), save tabs (saves all the opened tabs) and load tabs (loads saved tabs)

Just after saving,this button will show a number within a red flag, stating the number of tabs or pages you have saved.


Now if you want to open these saved tabs on another browser, all you have to do is open the browser and click on the Surfon button on the top left of it and then choose “Load tabs”, as shown below. Those saved tabs will be opened automatically on that browser.


But there is a small drawback. If you choose load tabs, it will obviously open tabs saved by you at a single time which is a one time only process.That means, it will clear its cache immediately after you choose to load saved tabs and you will not be able to open those same saved tabs from any other browser on any other device.

if you want to load the same tabs on another browser without clearing Surfon’s local cache, here is a trick you should know. Instead of using the “Load tab” option, head over to the website, login with your Surfon account and you will see a list of saved tabs, as shown below:

Sync browser tabs

This list will remain archived in your account and can be used on any device, as long as you don’t clear the cache by hitting the “Load tabs” button.

Surfon team  wanted to build a tool that will enable users to continue  web browsing sessions from one device to another. Continuous and undisturbed web surfing to be precise.