Meet Movieo – A Personalized Online Shelf For Cinephiles

There are less apps available online when it comes to searching favorite movies and tracking them. I personally love watching movies in free time but many times I do not know what to watch. I generally search for recommendations online or ask my friends. If I go for sites like IMDB, I would get to see list of all new movies and stuff, depending on date in random manner.

If you are also facing similar problem and wondering if there is anything that could make your life easier letting you deal with movies easily, no need to worry. You just need to go to which would solve all of your problems regarding movies.

Movieo makes searching easy


There is a default search bar in site in which you can search for any movie, people and lists, that is not so great about this site. If you want to search for a movie just go to the site and select your favorite genre and year. Movieo displays list of movies released in those times in your selected genre. Even though this looks normal searching capability, it is very handy feature if you want to find movies in particular genre in past times. You can shuffle the results by using various filters as well. In DVD and Theater, you can select top rentals, Current or new releases, Coming Soon movies, Opening this week and Top Box office. Under browsing options, you can change ordering of your results – such as changing layout, displaying information regarding movie. In released in section, you can change time frame a movie released in just by sliding time bar. You can filter your results depending up on rating on famous websites too like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. You can change availability, genre, Runtime and and ratings.


Overall, no other service would offer these many options while searching for a movie.

Movieo makes organizing of movies easy

This is another nice feature from Movieo. On each movie item, you can find different information regardinng each movie such as story description, runtime, cast and reating on popular websites. You can also watch official trailer and if you like them, you can add a movie to your personalized lsits. Options such as to add to watchlist if you want to watch it in future, or add to seen list- if you’ve already seen that. The good thing here is, if you do not like a movie, you can add it to blacklist and get rid of your sight completely. There is also an option which allows you to add or remove from a custom lists. Which means, you can also create your own lists with title and other stuff you like. Ofcourse, to access all these, you need to sign in.


Movieo makes exporting and importing makes easy

If you are tracking and listing your favorite movies somewhere else such as IMDB, you can import that list to Movieo easily using CSV file. There is also an option to export your lists to someplace too. So no need of losing your favorite movie list and time. Browsing of lists also is as easy as browsing a movie.

You can check out their website or App for Chrome browser in webstore .

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