Best Photography Apps of 2019

A photograph freezes a moment of life, and we always want them to be perfect. Not for the experts, this article is for all of us. The commoners holding a smartphone in their hand and try to capture the moments of life anywhere they can. We are here for the best photography apps you can have in your phone. Let’s begin.

Halide: The best photography app to capture your moments as augmented reality

This is not just an photography app, this is the experience of the physical camera through an app.

  • The attention to the details is explained as just “maniacal”.
  • The experience of its smart focus peaking is similar to any professional camera.
  • The in-depth feature is maintained by Depth tools like Depth map view, Depth peaking and more. As a result, what comes out is not a photo, it’s “augmented reality” as explained by the Halide group themselves.
  • It’s the portrait mode which contains the bokeh effect. And you get the more realistic and less twisted edges and hairlines.
  • The portrait mode here supports non-human objects too.


  • Any image format like HEIC, RAW or JPEG are supported here.
  • The gallery of this app shows you all photos including the ones captured by other apps.
  • The settings include more granular control along with focal point and exposure setup. Set any specific part of the image in focus, and just take your shot.
  • Again, when you are multitasking, you just need to engage only one hand to operate this app, this is so simple.
  • Moreover, the latest update of Halide is providing Shortcuts support. That is, you can snap your shot using only the Siri voice command. 

Download Halide here.

Spectre: The choice of a dreamer

This is another wonderful invention of the Halide makers.

  • This latest technology uses AI stabilizer to capture enhanced long exposures for 9 seconds (without other equipment or a tripod). This computational shutter allows you to take one photo over several seconds, and hand you over all the detail effects with an artistic approach. Just like a professional DSLR, or more. Look at the image below, it shows how Spectre creates a shot of an empty bridge even in the rush hour.


  • You can make the light sticks dance, or create real magic with fireworks.
  • Make your fantasy of the river of light out of a simple highway or paint the water to flow as your dream.
  • This one costs a little like $2.99.

Download Spectre here.

Snapseed: Takes photo editing in an exclusive level

This Google app is everything a professional can expect for their editing work.

  • Ordinary pictures come back to life with its ultimate control over the images.
  • The Desktop app like diversity in features include a film like grain effect, vignettes, stack, heal and brush effect and many more.
  • You can also adjust the temperature, blur and other attributes to extract the vintage look of your photograph with Retrolux filter.


  • Snapseed’s out-of-the-box offering presents you the exclusive Head Pose mode along with the Portrait mode.
  • The Portrait is capable of smoothening your skin. Also, you can have highlights on your eyes in the picture.
  • The Head Pose provides the opportunity to magnify a beutiful smile or to manage pupil size.
  • You’re not satisfied with your own work! No worry, the Undo and Redo modes of this application are your savior here. And you get the full editing history to change again and again. 

Download Snapseed for Android.

Download Snapseed for iOS.

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Hydra: The best photography app to print your still

One of the best photography apps for high-resolution images.

  • You need a detail shot (up to 32 MP) in the shadowy environment? Then you have chosen the perfect application to serve your purpose.
  • Though the low light mode provides up to 12 megapixels of clarity.
  • Also, you are having 60 images at once.


  • The HDR feature makes your stills more vibrant in color and adjusts other attributes to mould it no less than perfect.
  • For photography printing, this is the best shot you have got.
  • Your stills will thank you for using this application, but the moving objects may not do so. Reason? The multi-snapping effect is its strength and weakness both.

Download Hydra.

Unfold: The best photography app to evolve your own story

Wanna be a storyteller? Explore the templates of Unfold freely.

  • Add your stills and videos wherever you like in the templates.
  • Assemble them with your own touch.
  • Publish them in Snapchat or Instagram or wherever you want.
  • Not quite satisfied? Buy some more templates from the premium collection. Make your story better. Now, the comments will tell you how different they are from the story creation tools you find in those social media sites. 


  • Also, you have got the awesome text tools here.
  • Experiment with a variety of colors and fonts, resize them and drag and pinch the text anywhere you want. 

Download Unfold in the Google play store.

Download Unfold in the Apple store.

1967: A classic vintage look is all you want

This app is something to take you back to the old ages. Bring out the touch of that vintage look in your snapshots.

  • Select the best-suited ones from the straightforward layout of filters.
  • Save them in your camera roll.
  • You can also share it directly to Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr.
  • The simplicity of the attributes along with the crop tool is its real advantageous point.


  • If you wanna get your hand on all of the filters, you need to subscribe for a year.
  • Though, you can try the seven day trial period first, and see what you like the most here.

Download 1967 in the Apple store.

Download 1967 in the Google play store.

Lens Distortions: Cinematic effects makes your film better

After the tremendous success on the desktop app, now Lens Distortions has launched a mobile photography app for both Andriod and iOS.

  • The free version of this app provides you only 5 filters.
  • But you are here for all the cinematic sound and video effects, right? I think, $1-5 is worth a cost.


  • This app is completely made for filmmakers, photographers or visual effect artists. But the common folks are also capable of using all these features in their own story.
  • Trendy coloured filters, lifelike effects are the additional benefits you see here.

Download Lens Distortions.

These are the best apps in my opinion. But there are more. Select the best suited one for yourself and give us suggestions over this topic.

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