PaperRater : Online Proofreading For Your Text Documents

paperrater-logoPaperRater is a free online tool that helps users to improve their writing skills. The real-time technology checks your essays right away for any grammatical errors. It also provides in-depth analysis of your writing style. The service also instructs on how to improve the readability of the document by providing suggestions on word choice.


The service is completely free to use and you can submit any text document. To start using it all you need to do is, copy and paste the text to the service, give a title, add any reference if necessary, tell the service about the kind of work you are submitting (i.e if it’s a research paper, personal narrative, an essay etc) and press the “Get Report” button. The result will come up in a few seconds with suggestions and corrections regarding following aspects :

  1. Spell Checks. (Highlighted in red)
  2. Grammar problems. (Highlighted in green)
  3. Word Choices. (Highlighted in blue)
  4. Writing style – Check this from the right sidebar options Style and Vocabulary Words.
  5. Plagiarism Check – This tool also checks the internet for any copies of the document submitted. This is very helpful for teachers as well as content buyers to check if the documents they are getting aren’t plagiarized. This could be found in the right sidebar section named Originality / Plagiarism Detection.

Vocabulary Builder:


You will also get help to improve your vocabulary from the service which provides a nice vocabulary tool named Vocab Builder that will boost your vocabulary by providing words with definition and uses in context of real sentences.

The tool doesn’t really substitute an in-person proofreader but definitely helps you write a better and professional text documents.


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