Plus One Stats In Google Webmaster Tools And Google Analytics

The other day Google took the web by a storm, releasing their latest social networking site – Google Plus. Google plus has received mixed reactions and most of the people in my circle have doubts whether it can really beat Facebook in the coming months.

There is also some good news for website owners and bloggers.

Google has integrated statistics and analytics of Google Plus one button in Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics. Using the Plus one data in Google webmaster tools, you can measure which pages of your website are getting maximum number of plus one’s and votes on search result pages.

The earlier month, Google introduced a new version of Google Analytics which has a lot of enhancements and features worth exploring. Some of my favorite tips and tricks for new Google Analytics are as follows;

1. Measure loading time of different pages with Google Analytics
2. Find the busiest hour of your site with Google Analytics
3. Analyzing Twitter and Facebook traffic for your website

Get Statistics And Analytics Of Google Plus One Data In Google Webmaster Tools

By measuring which pages of your website are liked by Google users, you can determine the type of content on your site which gets the maximum attention and praise among Google search audience. After analyzing the plus one data from Google webmaster tools, a good idea would be to create similar and relevant content for users and show them on specific pages of your site.

To see the plus one statistics in Google webmaster tools, login to your Google webmaster tools account and click the “Audience” link under “+1 Metrics”. here you will find how many Google Plus one votes your website received for a particular day, as shown below:

Google Plus one analytics and statistics

You can select a particular time period and get the stats of Google plus one’s for your site for a specific day, week or month. The sad part however is that plus one data is only available for the last 30 days and you won’t be able to see plus one statistics and data of previous months. Hence, it would be a good idea to export your website’s plus one data from Google Webmaster tools on a monthly basis (click “Download this table” link at the bottom of the page and save the stats as an Excel CSV list)

Find Which Pages Of Your Website Get’s maximum Google Plus One’s

To find which of your website’s pages are really popular, go to the “Activity” tab and you will get the URL of pages which have received maximum plus ones for the selected time period.

Page specific Stats for Google plus one

There are two things which you should note here:

1. You can compare whether users are hitting the Plus one button from search results or using the Plus one button on your site. This comparison will help you determine the exact user activity for every single page of your website. Great job!

2. The more plus one’s you receive, the more socially driven your content would be. If  John hits the Plus one button on one page of your site, a link will be posted on his Google Plus profile. There is a high chance that friends and followers from John’s circle will either hit the Plus one button on Google Plus, or they will come to your site and plus one it using the embedded button.

Measuring Plus One Data And Metrics in Google Analytics

Plus one integration in Google Analytics is not live yet, but you can add a slight code along with Google Analytics asynchronous code and get it working. Here is the code which should be added before the </body> tag. Thanks Yoast

<script type=”text/javascript”>  function plusone_vote( obj ) {    _gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’,’plusone’,obj.state]);  }</script>

Plus one stats in Google Analytics

Note: The above code should be added with Google Analytics and there is no need to modify Google analytics original code.





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